Working from home tips and tools: How to be an effective remote worker

Article provided by MSI.

With countries across the world declaring a state of emergency due to the coronavirus, companies are enabling work-from-home structures to maintain business running and employees safe; however, to be successful working remotely, you have to be well adapted to this type of work. Here are some tips and tools we think you might need to know to be an effective remote worker.

What are the essential tools for remote workers to connect and collaborate?


A recent LinkedIn study found that 85% of jobs were filled through networking. Thus remote workers should prioritize clear communication when emailing and messaging coworkers. Let’s stay productive and smooth workflow seamlessly with a good powerful yet sleek laptop like MSI Content Creation Laptops, and to be connected with emails, conference calls, instant messaging, and remote access under the protection of your own roof.

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VPN is to provide employees access to the company’s service remotely. On this network, you can access printers, connect to IT resources, transfer data, and more. It’s secure and protects your team from sketchy websites.


If you have big team meetings and conferences that include lots of remote workers, Zoom is a video chat application that supports large meetings with up to 3000 participants! In other words, you can even move your offline convention to the online virtual event via a meeting platform like Zoom. Other good choice will be Skype for Business, Teams combines instant messaging, video conferencing, calling, and document collaboration into a single, integrated app – and enables exciting new ways of working.


One of the most important factors of a successful remote worker is organization. With the increased flexibility and decreased structure, it is incredibly important to make yourself stay organized. Plan your daily routine with a calendar tool like “Toggl Plan” and “Team Up”. These tools are to help you organize your remote team time and tasks. Use Gantt charts for easy navigation of the project and understand the current workflow, so your remote team can organize their time accordingly.


Distractions are a major pitfall for remote work! Keep yourself away from distractions like turn your phone to silent mode, log out your social media and set a boundary of people around you while you are working.

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Catch up with the rising trend of remote working by powerful tools and hardware. 

“The coronavirus is going to be a tipping point. We plodded along at about 10% growth a year for the last 10 years, but I foresee that this is going to really accelerate the trend”, said the president of Global Workplace Analytics describing the rise of the remote working. Even before COVID-19 coronavirus disrupted the planet, remote work has been a rising trend of the past years. Now try to utilize and practice these tools and tips to stay safe and stay productive!

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