Curious Expedition Will Get You Killed on Nintendo Switch | Review

Curious Expedition

Thunderful Publishing has been on a role lately releasing quite a bit of indie games on various platforms. Their most recently released game, Curious Expedition, developed by Maschinen-Mensch, is a rather unique game combining elements of roguelike, simulation, exploration, choose-your-own-adventure, and proceduraly generated games into one really cohesive package. In Curious Expedition, players must explore unknown lands while fighting off all types of danger – both physical and mental in order to uncover hidden treasures and reach ultimate fame.

Curious Expedition is an exploration game at its core. It is a story heavy game in which you are able to make your own decisions and progress the story as you please. You’ll get to play as famous real-life explorers in a world set in the late 19th century. The goal of the game mainly is to get rich and famous, but the path getting there is filled with adventure and danger. Surviving isn’t guaranteed and more than likely, you’ll die countless times before ever making it home with your riches.

To start things off, you’ll want to play the tutorial in order to get acquainted with the controls and learn just how to play. There’s a lot that goes into playing Curious Expedition so you’ll want to pay attention. You’ll learn how to manage both your physical and mental health, how to manage your inventory, how to trade with natives and gain favor, and most importantly, and how combat works.

Curious Expedition

When you get to the main portion of the game, it works very much the same as in the tutorials. You explore a region that is covered by a “fog.” As you move through the land, the fog lifts and uncovers more of what’s around you. You’ll find hidden ruins, native villages, and secret landmarks. What’s really neat here is that because this is a proceduraly generated game, you’ll never play the same map twice. The story itself is going to be familiar, but the landscape changes each time which keeps things fresh, especially for a game that encourages exploration.

Curious Expedition

Surviving isn’t the easiest thing in Curious Expedition. You have to worry about things like your sanity, the well being of your team members, confrontations against deadly wild animals, and even unforeseen natural disasters can cut your expedition short. It’s a challenge trying to juggle all these different elements and managing your inventory can help with some of these issues. You’ll also be faced with whether or not to loot and plunder old ruins as well as whether or not to piss off the natives.

Lastly, I’ll just talk about how much I really enjoyed the artwork in this game. I love the retro style and it gives me flashbacks of elementary school when we used to play games like King’s Quest or Oregon Trail on old Apple IIGS computers. These graphics are much better though, but it takes me back to a much simpler time.

Curious Expedition

Curious Expedition is a refreshing change of pace. This game requires a lot of thought and strategy and even that won’t guarantee that you come out of this alive. Fame and fortune is a deadly game you play but it’s one I don’t mind playing here. This is a very unique and fun game and one that I think the slightly older crowd would enjoy. Kids maybe not so much, but everyone else should really enjoy the challenge.

Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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