Lonely Mountains: Downhill Coming May 7 to Nintendo Switch

lonely mountains: downhill

Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming the king of indie games and that’s in part due to the efforts of indie publishers like Thunderful Publishing. Their latest game with indie developer Megaton Industries is Lonely Mountains: Downhill which will be arriving to Nintendo Switch on May 7, 2020.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill was featured by press in multiple “Best Games of 2019” lists, winner of ‘Best Indie Game’ at the German Developer Awards, and was nominated for ‘Excellence in Design’ at the 2020 IGF Awards.

Ride any way you like – reckless and fast or careful and slow – and feel the thrill while progressing downhill. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a mountain biking game where it’s just you and your bike with the objective of successfully getting downhill. There are challenges to complete which unlock new trails and mountains, and leaderboards for those who want to master the mountainous terrain and reach the base with the fastest time possible. Players can also take their time and explore the mountains to find hidden rest areas.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill features sixteen trails to master located across four different mountains. There are five additional bikes available which can be fully customized to fit the player’s personality. Train your skills day and night, improve your place on the leaderboards and ultimately compete with the best riders in the world in the risky Free Ride mode.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill will be available for $19.99 when released.

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