Audew Car Diagnostic Scanner with Wi-Fi | Review

Audew Car Diagnostic Scanner

Today I’m looking at the Audew Car Diagnostic Scanner, which is an OBD II diagnostic interface for your car. Why would you need one of these? Let’s say you’re driving along one day an all of a sudden, an error message pops up on your dash or you get that dreaded check engine light. Most of you wouldn’t even know what any of that means which often results in a trip to your service mechanic and cash out of your pocket. Well, with an OBD II scanner, you’ll be able to check exactly what those messages are and be able to diagnose those problems on your own if you’re the DIY type.

Audew Car Diagnostic Scanner

Basically, the Audew OBD II Car Diagnostic Scanner will allow you to evaluate and understand hidden features in your car. This simple device plugs right into your OBD II port under your car’s dashboard and then communicates with your vehicles onboard systems via any number of apps you can download from your respective app stores. You will have to connect the module into the port with your engine off. Same goes for when you want to remove it.

For this test, I downloaded one called Car Scanner ELM OBD2 just to see what kind of information we can grab out of the Audew OBD II Car Diagnostic Scanner.

First thing you’ll need to do is connect to your Audew OBD II Car Diagnostic Scanner via Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone. Also, make sure the OBD II app you’re choosing to use works via Wi-Fi connection. There are some popular apps that only work via Bluetooth so be aware of that.

Audew Car Diagnostic Scanner

The Audew OBD II Car Diagnostic Scanner can be left in your OBD II port while driving and this will allow for collection of live data. There’s actually a lot of information you can collect with the scanner if you use the right apps. You can find information like fuel used per trip, speed, RPM, intake temperatures, etc, etc. It’s honestly more information than any normal person would ever need, but it’s there nonetheless for those who want to dive into all the data you don’t ever really see.

With that said, if you’re a car buff and someone who likes to know the ins and outs of their vehicle, or if you’re just curious, the Audew OBD II Car Diagnostic Scanner is a gadget you should take a look at. I’d say it’s worth at least having in your toolbox or glove compartment as it might just come in handy one day.

You can grab the Audew OBD II Car Diagnostic Scanner on Amazon for $12.99, but we have an exclusive 15% off code that expires 5/19/2020. Just apply the code TGWKAUDEW at checkout.

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