Lonely Mountains: Downhill | Nintendo Switch Review

lonely mountains: downhill

We are living in strange times right now where we’re being told to shelter in place and try not to expose ourselves to places with large crowds. That’s easier said than done. After a few weeks, the itch to go back outdoors is just too strong unless you have an suitable replacement outlet and Lonely Mountains: Downhill just might be it. What better way to explore the outdoors when you can’t, than to virtually explore whole mountainsides on your bike. Exploring the outdoors in this game means not having to worry about getting dirty, sweaty, or sick. All you need to worry about is how to get down these darn mountains.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

The goal of Lonely Mountains: Downhill is to get from the top of the mountain to your camp at the bottom of the mountain. While you might think that there’s as set path that takes you to the bottom, there isn’t. There are obvious trails you can take, but if you take the time to explore a little, you’ll start finding different paths down. Some paths are riskier than others, but they can also save you a bunch of time if you decide to go for it. These are really helpful for the time challenges.

That brings me to the challenges. Each trail has its own set of challenges to complete. Challenges include the above mentioned time challenges, completing a trail with only a set amount of crashes, or not crashing at all. the more difficult challenges require a near perfect run to get your times way down, which is where the shortcut paths come into play, but again, you’ll need to find those.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Lonely Mountains: Downhill includes four different mountains, each with four different trails, each with its own set of challenges. Completing challenges unlocks things like new bikes, paint jobs and outfits for your rider. There are even online leaderboards you can compete against to see who has the fastest downhill times.

In terms of looks, Lonely Mountains: Downhill looks very good. Everything is bright and colorful and does look realistic enough, but with a polygonal twist to it. The atmosphere is also very peaceful and it really does feel like it’s just you and nature, as one. If you wear headphones while playing, you get to hear all the awesome sounds of nature as well as the sounds of your bike ripping through the trails. It’s all very well done and really adds to the immersion.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

All of this makes for a very beautiful and relaxing, yet challenging game. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is one of those games you can literally pick up and play for either short amount of time, or long stretches. Most likely in long stretches because it’s such an addicting game and it really is hard to put down once you start. I highly recommend picking Lonely Mountains: Downhill if you’re looking for something different and genuinely fun.

Lonely Mountains: Downhillis available now in the Nintendo eShop for $19.99.

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