CLCKR Universal Phone Grip & Stand | Review


Need a more secure grip on your smartphone but don’t want to use those bulky “sockets” you see everyone else with? Check out the CLCKR Universal Phone Grip & Stand. This is the standalone version as there is a version made for the iPhone that includes a case, but because I’m on Android, I have to use the universal version. The ones we received to look at are the metallic rose gold and silver ones. Of course these come in a ton of different colors and patterns, which makes it easy to choose on of your liking.

This is going to be a fairly quick review as there isn’t too much you can say about products like this other than the fact that they work as advertised. You attach the CLCKR via the included 3M tape and it stays pretty secure, meaning it’ll be a bit difficult to remove later so make sure you have it right where you want it before committing.


Once on, it’s very simple to use. From the top, just lift outwards and the plastic tab holding it in place will click off. It’ll fully open and then you can stick your hand in it for a more secure grip while using your phone. If you switch the CLCKR to stand mode, just take the top portion of it and click that into the tabs instead. This will form a “V” allowing you to stand up your phone in either portrait or landscape mode. This allows for hands free viewing of videos.


When you’re done using the CLCKR, just put it back in the flat position and click the tabs back in. It’s pretty simple and straightforward.


Are there any issues with the CLCKR? Not really. It’s thin enough where it still allow for wireless charging of your smartphone, even if you have a case on. The material is soft enough where it doesn’t dig into your hand and seems rigid enough, though I’m not too sure how it’ll hold up after tons of use. Only time will tell. The 3M tape used is also super sticky and once it’s on, it’s on. You better make sure you have it on the right place before you fully commit.

All-in-all, the CLCKR is great for anyone who wants a more secure grip on their smartphone when using it as well as a portable stand. It does what it says it does and the design options they have give you choices to match your personality.

You can grab a Universal CLCKR here for $14.99.

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