BlitzWolf Mini Phone Tripod | Review

BlitzWolf Mini Phone Tripod

I’m a fan of multi-functional gadgets so when I was approached to check out the BlitzWolf Mini Phone Tripod Stand (BW-BSO), I was intrigued. Basically what this thing is is an ultra-portable tripod with a phone holder mount. It’s probably not something you’d think you really need, but after using this for a few days, I can see just how useful something like this is, especially if you do a lot with your phone.

For starters, the BlitzWolf Mini Phone Tripod just looks plain cool. When you first get it, it just looks like this little black cylinder with mechanical looking accent designs. You don’t really understand what this does until you start opening it up.

BlitzWolf Mini Phone Tripod

Pull up to lengthen and then extend out the three legs at the bottom. A little tripod starts to take shape. On the top portion, fold down the little clips and suddenly, it becomes a phone holder. The phone holder can be used in either landscape or portrait mode and can be tilted to adjust the viewing angle. The phone holder should fit most phones these days as it works fine with my LG V60 ThinQ with a case on, and that phone is huge.

BlitzWolf Mini Phone Tripod

What’s neat too is that if you want to use the tripod portion with a real camera for instance, you totally can. The top phone holder can be unscrewed revealing a standard 1/4″ mount bolt attachment that should work on most cameras.

So what are some scenarios you can use this for? Shooting photos is probably the most obvious allowing you to keep your phone steady for that perfect shot. It also works great for when you want to take selfies with both your hands free. Other uses include hands free viewing of videos, video chatting with friends, and even as a selfie stick.

That’s pretty much it with the BlitzWolf Mini Phone Tripod. It’s a versatile little gadget that you didn’t know you needed. It does exactly what it says it does and it does it well. Not only that, it’s fairly inexpensive at around $19.

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