KeySmart CleanKey Helps Keep Your Hands Germ Free | Review

KeySmart CleanKey

Like many of you, I never used to give a second thought about touching public surfaces. I’d grab door handles, press elevator buttons, and even touch the number keys at grocery stores and gas stations. After which, I’d just go about my day. That’s certainly not the case anymore. Thanks to Covid-19, I’m no longer that reckless anymore. Touching surfaces outside my home now means wearing latex gloves, washing my hands constantly, and using antibacterial hand sanitizer after touching anything that I didn’t already have on me. However, with the help of the KeySmart CleanKey, I can at least now minimize my contact with those very same surfaces, and at least save some time while using it.

The KeySmart CleanKey is billed as “the safe way to avoid contaminated surfaces.” Basically instead of using your finger or your hand to do certain things, you minimize contact with them by using the CleanKey.

First let’s describe what the CleanKey actually is. The CleanKey basically looks like an oddly shaped, enlarged key made from copper and zinc with what looks like a hook at the end of it. The circular cutout on one end is for you to slide your index finger through while the ridges on top are meant for your thumb to rest on. This allow for a nice firm grip on the CleanKey.

It’s a pretty interesting looking design and from what I can tell so far, fairly sturdy and solid without an ounce of flex.

What it’s meant to do however is a bit more interesting. The hook design on the CleanKey is meant to grab onto door handles so you can open them without having to physically use your hand to grab them. The tip of the CleanKey is used for pressing physical buttons. Not only that, due to the materials used in its creation, it also seems to work with touchscreens as well, both resistive and capacitive.

While this all sounds wonderful, how does the CleanKey stack up in real world usage? Quite well actually. It does mostly what it says it does. The hook portion is very strong and I had no issues using it to open doors or handles. You however can not user it to open doors with knobs, so you’ll still need to touch those.

KeySmart CleanKey

It worked great on physical buttons such as the keypads you find at the gas pumps at gas stations. I used it here a lot, and you know how dirty those things look all the time.

Lastly, while I had a colleague who had issues using this on touchscreens, I didn’t seem to have those. I was able to use this on a variety of different POS terminals when paying with a credit card and it even worked on those new touchscreen ordering kiosks they have at many fast food places now. It even works as a stylus for your phone, however I would not recommend that as using a metal surface on a glass screen isn’t exactly something you want to do on your own devices. The last thing you want to do is scratch up your phone.

So would I recommend the KeySmart CleanKey? Sure. Why not? It certainly does what it says it does and it does help minimize my contact with surfaces that might be contaminated.

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