Unofficial ACNH.Guide – A Much Needed Animal Crossing New Horizons Companion | Mobile Review

Unofficial ACNH.GuideAnimal Crossing New Horizons fans know how hard it is to keep track of every single aspect in the game. There’s just so many items to collect, so many DIY recipes, so many fossils and animals to collect that it makes it incredibly difficult to remember what you have and what you don’t. That’s why an app like the Unofficial ACNH.Guide comes in handy and in my experience so far, it’s one of the best you can use for Animal Crossing.

Let’s start off with some of the apps basic features. the Unoffical ACNH.Guide helps you keep track of furniture, clothing, items, fish, bugs, sea critters, DIY recipes, fossils, albums, and reactions. Pretty much anything you can collect, this app will allow you to check off what you have and see what you don’t have. This is very helpful if you’re a completionist like I am and what to collect every single item possible.

What’s awesome here is that not only does it list items out, it even tells you information about each item, such as where you can get them, when you can get them, and how much they either cost to buy or sell them. It can even tell you what materials are needed to make that item if there is a DIY recipe for it. With animals, I love how this guide lets you know when you can catch each animal and where you’ll find them. This helped me a lot when looking for those rare bugs and fish.

My favorite feature however has to be the turnip tracker. With it, you can enter how much you purchase turnips for each week as well as how much turnips cost to sell every morning and evening. This allows the app to take your data and make predictions on when would be the best time to sell your turnips. So far, this has really worked for me every week and I’ve been able to maximize my profits every time.

The Unoffical ACNH.Guide is free to download, but has ads. Because of how useful it has been for me, I did an in-app purchase to remove the ads which wasn’t that much and I think completely worth it to thank the developer for such a wonderful app, which also sees frequent updates.

Google Play Link: Unoffical ACNH.Guide
Price: Free


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