Crysis Remastered Can Run on Nintendo Switch | Review

Crysis Remastered

There used to be this old saying, “but can it run Crysis?” Crysis when it first came out was the most technical heavy game on the market that required only the best of the best hardware to run it. Over the years, it’s been ported to consoles and while still visually impressive, had to make some changes in order to run on them. Well now, Crysis has arrived on the Nintendo Switch in the form of Crysis Remastered and it had to go through some major changes to get here.

Crytek enlisted the aid of Saber Interactive to get the Nintendo Switch port optimized and running. You may know them as the same developers that got CD PROJEKT RED’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition on the Switch. That in itself was a technical marvel and Crysis Remastered is no different. This is a game that required some crazy PC specs to run and somehow we now have a version of it on the Switch.

The story itself is mainly just meh, but this is typical of games from that era (2000’s). Basically you’re part of some covert military team sent to a hostile environment with advanced nanosuits. What seemed like a typical in and out mission soon becomes something more when you encounter alien forces. That’s pretty much the gist of things. Most people however didn’t really play Crysis for the story.

Crysis Remastered

Most people who played Crysis (if they could) were there to marvel at the graphics and this beautifully crafted world that Crytek had made. The Nintendo Switch for the most part conveys this well, but with some caveats. Crysis includes high-quality textures, SVOGI (Global Illumination), vegetation bending, optimized dynamic light settings, dynamic resolution, gyro aiming, motion blur, depth of field, bloom, light rays and sunbeams. However, it does seem that some elements have been reworked so that they aren’t so complex to render. Also the textures do seem downgraded despite the claim of high-quality textures. This doesn’t change the fact that Crysis Remastered on Switch looks pretty darn good still.  There is still a great amount of detail contained in the game and the environments are still full destructible.

Crysis Remastered

That brings me to the gameplay which hasn’t changed from the original game. Crysis Remastered is a first person shooter with elements of both realism and Sci-Fi. The main component of which is your advanced military nanosuit which provides you with extra human abilities such as enhanced physical strength, speed, defense, and cloaking abilities. Some of these add unique gameplay elements, such as being able to infiltrate with stealth or being able to absorb more damage.  There’s also quite a good variety of weapons you can use as well as vehicles you can drive.

Crysis Remastered

The gameplay here is pretty solid, but you will want to use a real controller to play this mainly because I don’t think the sticks on the JoyCons are up to par for this game. The small range of motion makes it very difficult to aim precisely, Although it also includes motion controls for aiming as well, but this too can be finicky at best. Using something like the Pro Controller or any equivalent made the experience for me much better.

For those who have never played Crysis before, Crysis Remastered on the Nintendo Switch is pretty good.  Crytek and Saber Interactive did a great job porting this to the Switch, which was no small feat. The Switch isn’t exactly a performance powerhouse so being able to play one of the most demanding of games on it is impressive on its own. Not only that, who would have thought that one day, you’d be able to take Crysis with you wherever you go thanks to the Switch’s portable mode. With that said, if you’re feeling nostalgic or have just never played Crysis before, I’d recommend picking Crysis Remastered up. It’s a solid FPS and worth the playthrough.

Crysis Remastered is available now on the Nintendo eShop for $29.99.

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