Adonit Note-UVC is An Apple Pencil Alternative With a UVC Germicidal Light | Review

Adonit Note-UVC

Adonit is known for making high quality, 3rd party stylus for an assortment of devices. Several of which are Apple’s iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini. These are affordable, high-quality alternatives to Apple’s own, Apple Pencil and provide nearly the same functionality as it. However, the introduction of the new Adonit Note-UVC one-ups the Apple Pencil with the world’s first, EPA approved, LED UVC germicidal light built-in.

Let’s first start off with the general design aspects of the Adonit Note-UVC. The Adonit Note-UVC is about the size and shape of a normal pencil. It’s not too thin or thick and feels quite comfortable in your hands. The Note-UVC is all black with a rose-gold power button and white text printed on parts of it. At one end of the Note-UVC, you’ll find a mini-USB port used for charging and at the other end, a replaceable spiral tip. What makes this stylus special, however, is the clear windowed portion of the stylus that features two built-in, ultraviolet lights. More on this in a bit.

Adonit Note-UVC

In terms of specs, the Adonit Note-UVC features everything you’d want in a stylus. There’s no Bluetooth so there’s no need for pairing. It just seems to work right out of the box when you power it up. There’s native palm rejection so you can lay your palm on the screen without worrying about leaving stray marks. The Adonit Note-UVC also seems quite accurate and responsive, which is something you definitely want in a stylus. The Adonit Note-UVC however does not work with all iPads. It is only compatible with the following:

  • iPad Pro (3rd / 4th gen 11″ & 12.9″)
  • iPad Air (3rd gen & newer)
  • iPad (6th / 7th gen & newer)
  • iPad mini (5th gen & newer)

The Adonit Note-UVC does have a few omissions. Apparently, there’s no pressure sensitivity, tilt support, or any shortcut buttons.

Adonit Note-UVC

Now we can talk about the built-in UVC lights since that is the main feature of the Adonit Note-UVC. There are two built-in LED UVC lights behind the clear windowed area on the stylus. To use it, hold down the power button for three seconds and the UVC lights turn on. Once on, you can swipe the light across your tablet for a minute or so and it’ll effectively achieve 99% sterilization rate. Obviously, I don’t have the equipment to scientifically test these claims out, so I’ll just take their word for it. Lastly, in order to protect your eyes, there is a built-in G sensor that will power-off the UVC lights when the lights are facing upwards.

Adonit Note-UVC


While the Adonit Note-UVC might be missing some features that the Apple Pencil has, the addition of the LED UVC lights makes it an interesting proposition. The relatively low price and unique feature make up for any shortcomings it might have. This is a well-made stylus that’s simple to use, lasts fairly long per-charge, and will help keep your devices germ free.


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