Dongar Technologies SimpleUSB Dashcam Adapter is a Godsend | Review

Dongar Technologies

Dashcams are a necessity these days. Dashcams provide security and peace of mind for every driver against things like bad drivers, unexpected accidents, and even against traffic citations. Basically, a dashcam is there to provide a detailed, 100% factual record of everything that happens to you while you are in the car. However as great as a dashcam is, what’s not so great is the sometimes messy and tedious installation process. No one likes hanging cables and no one likes tucking cables behind headliners or behind dashboards. That’s what a Dongar Technologies SimpleUSB Dashcam Adapter is a must-have for anyone who wants a quick, simple, and clean method of installing their dashcams.

Dongar Technologies

So what does the Dongar Technologies SimpleUSB Dashcam Adapter do that makes it a must-have for any dashcam install? Basically, this genius of this thing is that it really does make installing a dashcam quite simple. If your vehicle has a rearview mirror that is auto-dimming and/or has HomeLink, you should be able to use this. What you do is unplug the connector from the back of the mirror. You plug the SimpleUSB Dashcam Adapter to the back of your mirror and then the connector into that. This sits in-between.

That’s it. You now have a functioning, powered USB port up near where your rearview mirror is and can simply and easily install your dashcam near that with a much shorter USB cable. That means no more cables running down your dash or having to run a cable all the way around your windshield and down the side of your dash. You can’t get any more simple than that.

In terms of quality, you’ll be happy to note that Donger Technologies uses OEM connectors for these adapters when possible and only used “cloned” versions of those connectors have been discontinued and no longer available. The adapter seems very well made and should hold up over time.

Dongar Technologies

I should note that the version of the Dongar Technologies SimpleUSB Dashcam Adapter I’m using is the 7-pin for Honda/Acura applications. I can tell you now that it 100% works in my vehicle with my dashcam powered up and my mirrors still functioning as they should. There are other adaptors available for various vehicles but you must first check which pin connector your vehicle uses. If your vehicle isn’t listed, there is a universal dashcam adaptor, but this requires a little more skill to install.

With that said, the Dongar Technologies SimpleUSB Dashcam Adapter is like I said in the title, a godsend. If you’ve ever been intimidated by dashcam installations or just want to clean up your current setup, then I highly suggest picking one of these adaptors from Dongar Technologies.


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  1. […] Moving on, installation is a breeze and should take no more than a couple minutes to complete. There is an electrostatic film you can put on your window first, but I don’t think it’s necessary. The dashcam is held on with double-sided tape and you can power it with the included cable and 12Vcar charger. For a cleaner install, I use the Donger Technologies SimpleUSB Adapter which you can read more about here. […]

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