How-to Install Adventure Trim Mudguards on 2020 Toyota Rav4


These instructions will work for the 2019-2020 Toyota Rav4 Adventure and the TRD Off-Road. This is for Toyota Part #PK389-42K01-TP, which includes 4pc mudguards for the front and rear. (Note installation on non-Adventure Trim Rav4 may be similar, just has a different part number).

Optional 1 – I highly suggest cleaning the area where these mudguards go. This is because once you put these on, you won’t be able to get to the area behind them anymore, so give them a good scrubbing. You can even wax the tiny bit of area where it covers up some paint too if you want this area to be protected.

Optional 2 – Separate all the pieces you receive in the kit as well as all the installation hardware. Make sure there is enough for both sides as nothing is worse than starting an install only to find out you are missing pieces. There should be two sets of mudguards, front and back as well as two bags of hardware. One is for both fronts and one is for both rears.


Front Mudguards (Driver Side)

The front driver’s side mudguard will have three holes on the back and two holes on the bottom. This corresponds to what you’ll see on the vehicle.


You will need to remove the one push clip that is on the inside fender. You can just use a flat head screwdriver to pop these out. You will not need to keep this clip as there is a longer, replacement clip provided in the kit that you will be using instead. The two bottom holes you see under where the clip is will be used for installation. There are two screws that will go here and are included with the kit.


Underneath the car, you’ll also find another clip you will need to pop out. This one you will be keeping and reusing so do not discard. Notice the one open hole on the right side which will be used for installation. There is another included push clip that will be used here.


This is the bag of hardware that will be used. Just split these up as this whole bag contains the set of hardware for both the front left and right mudguards.


It’ll be pretty self-explanatory what hardware goes whereas only certain push clips fit into certain holes. The end result will look like this on the front. One tip is if you turn your front wheel, it’ll be much easier to use a screwdriver on the screws.

For the front passenger side mudguard, just repeat these steps.


Rear Mudguard (Driver Side)

The rear driver’s side mudguard will require a bit more work than the front ones. The main issue here is that you will need to make your own holes in two places with the included self-tapping screws. Not only that, but the wheel also makes it difficult to get a screwdriver in place to tighten these screws so you will either need to remove the wheel or find a stubby screwdriver or one that is shaped like an L. This mudguard where have five places where you’ll need to install hardware on.


There is one push clip located where the top arrow is that will need to be removed. You can discard this as it won’t be used again. In all three arrow locations, you will need to install a provided clip that will be used for the screws. You just need to slide them in place over where the holes are.

For the two bottom parts that don’t have holes, just look for the little dimples, which is where you’ll be making new holes. Basically, the self-tapping screws will go in these dimples to make new holes.


Underneath the car, you’ll see a bolt that I marked that will be removed and reused. Next to that is a small hole that will be used for another screw that is included. This screw/bolt is much larger than the ones for the self-tapping screws. You’ll know which one it is.


After everything is tightened up, this is what the rear mudguard will look like. Again, removing the wheel would make the rear installation easier, but will take more time. I did not remove the wheel.

For the passenger side rear, just repeat the steps above.


Overall, the Toyota mudguards make the Rav4 Adventure look a bit more rugged and tough. It adds width to the bottom and also helps keep flying rocks and dirt away from your paint. While these cost a bit more than cheaper ebay units you might find, these come with all hardware and fit like a glove. The plastic feels very sturdy and thick and matches the color of the rest of the trim.

I’d say they are well worth the price.

Your Toyota dealer will have these, but if you order them online, you’ll be able to find better prices. There’s also free shipping available or you can have them shipped to your local Toyota dealer for free pickup.

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