Okunoka Madness is for Speedrunners on Nintendo Switch | Review

OkunoKA Madness

There are games where you take it slow and enjoy the experience and then there are games where the intent is to run through them as quickly as possible. Known as speedrunners, these game challenge the player to run through each level as fast as they can, trying to beat the fastest of the fast in the world. While speedrunning can technically be accomplished with any game, there are games where the sole purpose is this. Take for instance Ignition Publishing and Caracal Games’ latest, OkunoKA Madness. OkunoKA Madness lets you play the way you want and as fast as you want. Offering three different speedrunning modes: across all worlds, single levels, or custom level selection.

With a distinct hand-drawn visual style, OkunoKA Madness is a challenging platformer and speedrunner. You play as KA, a diminutive blue creature who sets out on a journey to save the world of souls from evil, in as stylish and fast a fashion as possible. Unlock a huge roster of new characters, all with unique abilities, to transform the way you move and learn new ways to play. With countless hidden secrets and insane boss fights, you’ll harness KA’s immortality to perform mind-numbing acrobatics and ultimately save the universe.

OkunoKA Madness

Starting with the art style, I really like what they did here. The hand-drawn art is quite good, being very bright and colorful. Environments are very lively and creatively designed. There’s a lot of detail present and it really shows that the devs created this game with attention to it.

Gameplay-wise, OkunoKA Madness is not unlike something like Super Meat Boy which it will get compared to quite often. It’s basically the same concept in which the game is a platformer where you’re trying to get KA from point A to point B. The comparisons come from the fact that KA can grab onto walls and propel himself around the level in this manner while also jumping around wildly. That’s not a bad thing though as OkumoKA Madness is a fantastic game with solid gameplay and challenging level design. The challenge comes from trying to get the fastest times possible, which is a lot more difficult than it looks.

OkunoKA Madness

The difficulty also comes from mastering the game’s controls. While simple, in theory, sometimes your fingers just don’t want to do what your brain wants them to do. A lot of it is training yourself to improve your hand-eye coordination which usually means just playing each of the levels over and over again until it becomes almost second nature. Even then, it can still be difficult. You will fail a lot.

OkunoKA Madness

With that said, if you’re looking for a fast-paced game that is both great-looking and challenging, then you have it here with OkunoKA Madness. Fans of Super Meat Boy will surely love this while those are into speedrunners will too. I found the game to be incredibly fun, while also being incredibly difficult the further you get into the game. Basically, you’ll need to get good to go far. There’s a lot of replay value, especially with the extra modes, and your need to better your times, even if it’s for a fraction of a second.

OkunoKA Madness is available now on the Nintendo eShop here.

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