FUZE4 – Code Your Own Games on Nintendo Switch | Review


We all know you can play games and stream some media on the Nintendo Switch, but did you know you can also code games and apps? By utilizing a text-based coding language called FUZE, FUZE4 allows both beginners and seasoned programmers the ability to code their own games and apps in a fun and easy to use coding environment. For those who have never coded before, this could be a daunting experience, but luckily there are plenty of resources provided to get you up to speed.

Basically, FUZE4 is a coding environment with extras. There’s a full fledged text editor, thousands of preloaded assets to create with, and tons of already prebuild games as examples you can look through and customize on your own. FUZE4 is fully cunctional using the onscreen touch enebaled keyboard, controllers, or USB keyboards.


Like I stated above, if you’re a beginner like I am, FUZE4 can be a very intimidating experience, but the app does everything it can to make it easy for you. There are help files available in-game that include tutorials, command references, keywords, operators, and fully explains what all that means. There is a lot of reading involved, but if you’re serious about learning, you’ll have to put in the time. If you however don’t like to read, there are other resources avaialble as well.

I’d point you over to the FUZE Arena Channel on Youtube in which the hosts have a serious of guided tutorials that show you step by step what you can code. For example, the first tutorial shows you how to create a simple “Hello World!” app and progress onto simple games. I admit that I took this route as it’s just easier watching other people do it while you follow along.


What I like about FUZE4 too is that they don’t just throw a programming environment at you and leave you helpless. I also like the fact that they include actual examples of what kind of games are possible that you can create. There are probably around 50 or so examples you can play as well as look over the entire code of each game. You can see exacly what lines of code are used as well as modify them if you wish to make a game based off of what’s already there.

Not only that, FUZE4 also allows you to share your creations with others and them to you. There seems to be a whole community of coders out there using FUZE4 so you’ll never run out of ideas.


FUZE4 isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you have a passion for coding or even an small curiosity towards it, I would definitely check it out. Just note that this isn’t something you’ll just be able to jump into and crank out games right away. You have to put in the time and effort to learn it all, but like I said above, there are a ton of resources you can use as guides to get started.

FUZE4 is available now on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99.

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