Worm Jazz is a Mellow Puzzler on Nintendo Switch | Review

Worm Jazz

Developed by indie studio, Inconspicuous Creations, Worm Jazz is a unique puzzle game that blends mechanics inspired by classics such as Snake and Bomberman. You play as an earthworm named Mr. Mark that must make his way through mine filled mazes in order to reach that golden apple on each stage.

The basic premise of the game is that you are a worm that must make its way through a maze filled with different levels. Each level is a puzzle where you must gobble up enough of the food to unlock the golden apple. Eating the golden apple ends the level. However, completing each level with anything but a 3-star will eat into your soul! You also won’t unlock parts of the maze unless you do.

What makes the game so difficult is that you have to take many factors into consideration. First, your worm grows a section each time it eats a piece of food, so length becomes an issue on some parts of the map. Secondly, you must learn how bombs and explosions work. Bombs can be used to shorten your worm’s length as well as blow up sections of wall that are blocking you. There are also two kinds of bombs, so you need to know which one does what and the order to eat them in.

There’s a lot that goes into it so strategy and planning are key.

Worm Jazz

Aside from the challenging gameplay, Worm Jazz actually looks really good. It’s a far cry from the golden days of Snake and the graphics have a more realistic look. This isn’t a simple looking game and instead, everything has depth and shade and the lighting effects are also top notch. The audio i nthe game is also pretty good with a soothing jazz soundtrack to keep things mellow.

Worm Jazz

Worm Jazz is a really good puzzle game. It starts out simple enough but the difficulty really ramps up the further you get into it. I like the fact that this is a really challenging puzzle game that requires a lot of thought and strategy. At times it seems like getting that elusive 3-star finish is impossible, but it’s really not, as long as you take the time to think things through. With that said, Worm Jazz is definitely a recommended play if you love puzzle games.

Worm Jazz is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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