Bake ‘N Switch on Nintendo Switch | Review

Bake 'N Switch

There are lots of multiplayer party games out there on the Nintendo Switch and many of them can be played locally. Streamline Games’ latest, Bake ‘N Switch is one such game that combines the adorable cooking aspects of Overcooked with the addition of a brawling element. The only issue with Bake ‘N Switch that could turn people off to it was a lack of a single-player mode, however, a recent update has fixed that issue with a new “Bun Solo” mode that allows anyone to enjoy the game now without a buddy present.

So before the update, Bake ‘N Switch could not be played at all in solo mode. You had to have another player present to even start the game and there were no options to allow for AI players. There was only an online or offline mode. Those two modes are still there and they still require 2-4 real people to play them. Solo players can only play the Bun Solo mode which is what we’ll talk about today.

Bun Solo mode gives you a basic idea of how online and offline mode works, but is more of a story type mode. This mode has 50 levels and has you fighting off baddies so you can get all the Buns into the oven. While fun, it’s not quite as fun as I’d assume multiplayer would be. This is because in solo mode, you still can not add AI buddies to play with you. It seems like local buddies can still join, but no AI.

Bakw 'N Switch

Gameplay isn’t too shabby. Basically you just need to pick up Buns and thrown them in the oven. Choose between 6 different Bakers, each with unique baking abilities. You can combine smaller Buns to make larger ones and if you place them in baskets, they can’t be infected by enemies. In solo mode, you just need enough points to gain the elusive 3-star rating. While you can complete levels with just 1-star, you won’t be able to progress past a certain point as you need stars to unlock new areas.

Overall, Bake ‘N Switch shows promise. You will probably enjoy the game much more as a party game with more players as games like this are usually better with friends. Solo-mode is entirely playable however on your own, but the experience isn’t quite the same solo. That’s usually the case however with games that are primarily focused on multiplayer. With that in mind, it’s up to you to decide whether this game is right for you or not. As a solo game, it’s okay. As a party game, it much better. Your enjoyment of the game will depend on if you have people to play with or not.

Bake ‘N Switch is available now on the Nintendo eShop here.

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