Tesla Force – 30 Minutes of Gameplay on PS4 | Review

Tesla Force

Over the years, we’ve covered a lot of developer 10tons’ games and that’s because they crank out so many. Not only do they create wonderfully weird and unique games, but they also release them eventually on every platform out there for everyone to enjoy. Their latest game, Tesla Force, is out now on PlayStation 4 and also on PC and Xbox and soon Nintendo Switch. Tesla Force is an endlessly replayable, roguelike top-down twin-stick shooter inspired by Nikola Tesla and the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

Now if Tesla Force sounds a bit familiar, it should because it’s a spin-off of one of 10tons earlier games, Tesla vs Lovecraft. While similar in gameplay, Tesla Force improves upon the older game in every possible way and introduces several new elements as well. Some of these improvements include randomly generated levels, more mission types, more characters to play as, more weapons, perks, and powerups, more monster types, longer sessions, and better graphics.

Speaking of which, the graphics in Tesla Force are very good. 10tons took the time to upgrade the look of the game and it shows. There’s a lot more detail nowand everything just seems brighter and more crisp. I think the improved lighting effects go a long way towards making the game look that much more better.

Gameplay in Tesla Force is also much improved over the original. Now the game is endlessly playable and each time you play, the experience is different thanks to randomly generated levels and randomly generated branching paths. You will generally not have the same experience twice when playing this. I also like the fact that now, there are different objectives and it’s not just kill, kill, kill, though that’s still the main focus for staying alive.

Tesla Force now also features a ton of upgradeable elements. For starters, there are upgrades that persistently stay with you, even when you die. These are like your internal stats and you need to spend crystals to upgrade these. Weapons and perks on the other hand can only be upgraded as you play and reset themselves when you die. Upgrades for these usually come after finishing each level, but upgrades are random so choose which ones you take wisely.

This also goes for powerups and perks as well. I like that this resets each time as it keeps the challenge level high and gives you something to work towards each time you play.


10tons has a winner here again with Tesla Force. If you’re a fan of top-down, twin-stick shooters, roguelikes, and action, you’re going to love Tesla Force. It has everything you could ever ask for in a fun and exciting game, even multiplayer. That’s right. If you want a friend to hop on with you locally, you can just hit up the “clone” option and have some friends or family join in for some monster killing mayhem.

With that said, 10tons can really do no wrong. I’ve enjoyed pretty much every one of their games and Tesla Force is no different. This is a game that you can take a quick run through to pass the time or spend hours on. That’s how fun and deep the experience is.

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