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Space Invaders Forever

There are so many classic games out there but only a few can be called iconic. I can probably name a handful in my head right now and one of them would be Space Invaders. I remember playing this as a kid as well as all the many clones and games inspired by its gameplay. Decades later, the classic game still holds up and now we even have brand new versions of the game that build upon its solid foundation. Brought to you by TAITO and ININ Games, Space Invaders Forever is a collection of three re-imagined takes on the iconic game that is sure to bring back fond memories of sweaty smelling arcades as well as usher in a new generation of Space Invader fans.

Space Invaders Forever is three games in one. You’ll get Space Invaders Extreme, Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE, and Arkanoid vs Space Invaders. Space Invaders Extreme and Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE come bundled together in the same package while Arkanoid vs Space Invaders will be its own separate icon in your library. Most likely this has to do with the way these games are played and the orientation you need to hold your Nintendo Switch when playing.

Space Invaders Forever

Space Invaders Extreme is the main treat here as this is very much an updated version of Space Invaders for the modern era. This game features improved graphics, sound, a new techno-inspired soundtrack, and vibrant visuals. This is probably my favorite of the three games. It’s ridiculously fun and addictive and fast paced. The music really helps with the flow and I love that all the sound effects go in beat with the music. It’s like they musicfied Space Invaders and the results are just perfect. The gameplay at its core is classic Space Invaders but with a twist. There are lots of different game types blended in and lots of cool power-ups you can use. This is mainly a race to see who gets the highest scores and how far you can get with the included 16 stages.

Space Invaders Forever

Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE is the multiplayer portion the game. This is more like classic Space Invaders gameplay, but with 4-player co-op. It’s local co-op only though so this is best played on your television with 4 separate controllers. The graphics here are just so-so. It’s colorful, but the makeover isn’t as intense as in Space Invaders Extreme. Also, because this mode is mainly suited towards multiplayer, you might not even play this if you’re mainly running solo or on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

Space Invaders Forever

The last game included in the collection is Arkanoid vs Space Invaders. This game has a very Japanese feel to it from its graphics to its character designs. This is like an anime version of the game where you can see how the combination of Arkanoid and Space Invaders makes sense. The mechanics are more Arkanoid as you pilot a small paddle-shaped ship that can bounce back enemy fire from the Space Invaders. You use these to destroy blocks and the ships. What makes this game different and possibly why it has its own icon is that you play this game sideways with the Nintendo Switch held vertically. The ship is moved by dragging it around with your finger, so no real buttons are used here. It’s an interesting game and my second favorite of the collection.

Space Invaders Forever is a solid collection for the Nintendo Switch. The three games are quiet varied and well made. These aren’t just three throwaway games put together. Each could technically sell on their own if they wanted to. Space Invaders Forever is a great game to get new players familiar with one of the most iconic game franchises in the world and fans of the original game will also be quite happy with it. It’s very fun and hard to put down once you start playing.

Space Invaders Forever is available now in the Nintendo eShop or as a physical package.

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