FIXD For Your Car | Review


New cars are notorious for being quite complicated to diagnose on your own. Much is all computer-controlled now and when that dreaded check engine light pops up on your dash, it’s very hard to discern what exactly is wrong. That’s why a device like the FIXD OBD2 reader and scan tool comes in handy. This can deep dive into your vehicle’s ECU and instantly know what the problem is.

FIXD is a diagnostic tool that plugs into your ODB2 port in your vehicle. The reader that plugs into your ODB2 port is really no different from other ODB2 readers. It’s white and doesn’t really have anything distinguishing about it. The brains of the FIXD system is the software that you install to either your iOS or Android device.


The FIXD software isn’t like other ODB2 diagnostic tools you might find. Instead, it is more catered to those who really don’t know much about the ins-and-outs of cars and offers a more simplified view of what may or may not be wrong with your vehicle. Basically, you just run a scan, and the FIXD software lets you know if there are any

issues with your vehicle. From there, it’ll list out a set of recommendations you should take to alleviate the problem.

FIXD does offer a premium subscription that adds features such as on-call support from a trusted mechanic, free cost estimates, vehicle history report, and in-home emissions tests before going to a testing center. The cost of the premium service is $5.83 billed annually.


So is FIXD right for you? If you don’t know much about cars, it doesn’t hurt. It’s simple to install and setup and the information it provides is pretty straightforward for the laymen. This works as long as your vehicle is ODB2 equipped which is pretty much a majority every new car over the last decade. Also, if you’re leasing a vehicle or your car is really new, you probably won’t need this if you’re under warranty still. This is more for vehicles that are out of warranty already where most costs of maintenance and fixing will come out of pocket.


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