Super Meat Boy Forever is Even More Brutal than Ever | Nintendo Switch Review

Super Meat Boy Forever

Team Meat’s latest, Super Meat Boy Forever is the long awaited followup to their hit game, Super Meat Boy. It’s been 10 long years but Meat Boy and his partner Bandage Girl are back and in a whole new adventure. After years of living peacefully with their baby daughter, Nugget, trouble has once again found them. Dr. Fetus has returned and kidnapped Nugget, but unbeknownst to him, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have a few new tricks up their sleeves to get Nugget back.

The first thing you’ll notice about Super Meat Boy Forever are the updated graphics. The game sees a complete overhaul of the previous art and everything now is a lot more crisp and high res. The old pixel art style is gone with artwork that is more cartoon-like and colorful. While the previous art wasn’t bad, this new art I believe should appeal to more players as not everyone out there loves pixel art. Regardless, everything moves fluidly and looks great in both handheld and TV mode.

Super Meat Boy Forever

In terms of gameplay, Super Meat Boy Forever plays a bit differently from previous games. While it’s still familiar and platform-like, the mechanics are a tiny bit different this time around. Before, you were pretty much able to move freely forward and backward. This also went for the jumping where you could grab on a wall and jump back on the same wall. This isn’t the case anymore. Now, Meat Boy is constantly moving. Similar to an endless runner, Meat Boy moves on his own and can really stop unless hitting a wall or clinging to it. Even then, holding on to a wall causes Meat Boy to slide so basically he’s constantly moving.

If Meat Boy jumps on a wall and jumps again, he’ll go in the opposite direction. You can only go back forward again if you jump on another wall and then jump again. Other new mechanics include the new flying punch that not only attacks enemies, but also allows you to jump longer distances. Lastly, there’s also a sliding punch for ground units that can be used to duck under obstacles as well.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Needless to say, these new mechanics make Super Meat Boy Forever feel so much harder and more challenging than previous games. This is a brutal platformer that will have you dying over and over and over again.

There are four stages included in Super Meat Boy Forever and each has a series of levels and a boss fight you’ll need to complete to move on. What’s interesting to note here is that each time you play a stage over again, the sets of levels change to essentially, it becomes a brand new game. That means you can play Super Meat Boy Forever over and over again and pretty much never really play the same set of levels twice.

Super Meat Boy Forever

There are also secrets that can be unlocked, mainly new playable characters. That also adds to the replay value as most likely, you won’t unlock these on your first, second, or even third playthrough.

With that said, Super Meat Boy Forever is a fantastic addition to the franchise. While not exactly the same as the original games, the new mechanics keeps things fresh and new and the addition of randomly generated levels each time you beat the game is a welcome feature. On top of that, the new art is pretty nice and the story isn’t bad either. I’d say Super Meat Boy Forever is definitely a buy for both fans and new players alike.

Super Meat Boy Forever is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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