Die Over and Over Again in CROSSBOW: Bloodnight | Nintendo Switch Review

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight is an arena-based first-person shooter where survival is key to climbing the leaderboards. Developed by HYPERSTRANGE, this little indie title will keep you on your toes as you battle wave after wave of ghoulish monsters. There is no story or quests or levels. Your only objective is to survive for as long as you can with nothing but your wits and your trusty crossbow.

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight isn’t a very deep game. In fact, there’s only one arena here. There aren’t any weapons to unlock or stats to upgrade. This is a relatively simple-minded game of staying alive. You’re trapped in an arena with no hope of escaping and your only means of staying alive is your crossbow. Defeat wave after wave of deadly monsters until you become overwhelmed and then just rinse and repeat. If you’re good enough, you’ll rise through the leaderboards. If not, enjoy being massacred over and over again.

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight

The game is very fast-paced with virtually no place for rest. Despite how good you might think you are at first-person shooters, you’ll be lucky if you can survive more than two minutes. If you can, consider yourself one of the skilled few who can break the top 50.

With that said, that’s pretty much all there is to CROSSBOW: Bloodnight. Some people might be turned off by its very limited gameplay and features, while others may appreciate its pick-up and play attitude. Just know that it can be pretty fun and the short bursts of gameplay might be good for those who don’t want to play games where you have to invest a bunch of time into. At least the game is pretty challenging and it is fun seeing how high you can climb in on the leaderboards.

CROSSBOW: Bloodnight is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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