Chrome Industries Mini Kadet BLCKCHRM 22X Edition | Review

Chrome Mini Kadet BLCKCHRM 22X Edition

One of my favorite Chrome Industries bags is the Kadet Sling Bag. I praised how it was larger than a waist pack but smaller than a backpack, making it one of the most perfect everyday carry bags you could have. Well, Chrome Industries has seen fit to make a slightly smaller version of the Kadet Sling Bag now in the form of the Chrome Mini Kadet. Instead of 9L, the Chrome Mini Kadet is 5L in volume, but still slightly larger than a waist pack to fit more of your essentials. The version we picked up is the BLCKCHRM 22X edition which features special tough lightweight 22x nylon laminate which is used in making sails.

Chrome Mini Kadet BLCKCHRM 22X Edition

The Chrome Mini Kadet sits in-between the regular Kadet Sling Bag and a waist pack. It’s meant to be worn around your shoulders though like a sling and not around your waist. I prefer this as it doesn’t look as goofy as a waist pack and it’s easier overall to move around and access your stuff when you need it.

Like the regular Kadet, it has many of the same features. There are still two zippered compartments – a large main compartment and a smaller compartment for thinner items.

While not as large as the regular Kadet, you can still hold plenty of stuff in the main compartment. That’s also in part to the organization pockets inside as well as a built-in keyring. There’s enough room for keys, your wallet, a backup battery pack, charging cables, a bottle of water, and even your Nintendo Switch if need be. You can also carry a small camera if size permits.

As for the smaller compartment, it’s slimmer now, so I would probably suggest using this for something like your phone or wallet, or whatever is thinner.

Chrome Mini Kadet BLCKCHRM 22X Edition

As for the strap, it’s a bit different here. The iconic Chrome Industries seat belt buckle is no longer here and instead, you just get an adjustable stainless steel slider with an integrated bottle opener. Basically, it’s just the bottom portion of what it had before so the strap can’t be separated anymore. The strap however is still super comfortable thanks to a padded shoulder area.

Overall, the Chrome Mini Kadet BLCKCHRM 22X Edition is a very well-made everyday carry. The 22X nylon shell with the Cordura TPX durable laminate and 70D poly liner makes for an incredibly light package. That just means the bag will barely add to the additional weight of the stuff you’re already carrying. Not only that, the Chrome Mini Kadet is just as cool looking as its larger sibling with enough room to carry your everyday essentials and then some. This is perfect for those quick treks out to the city or wherever adventure takes you.

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