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Secret Cat Forest

Mobile phone games have really come a long way, especially when paired with the latest smartphones. We’re able to get console-like experiences and graphics now, but even with this feat, casual games still reign supreme on mobile. That means games that are simple and that don’t require the latest specs. People just want games that are fun, easy, and pretty to look at. Secret Cat Forest is just such a game, combining simple game mechanics with adorable art for those who love cats!

For starters, there’s no real objective to this game other than to furnish a house and attract a bevy of cats to come to stay in it. Most of the time, all you’ll be doing is tapping on the screen to collect wood and catching fish via a very simple mini-game. You need wood to build furniture and the fish are there to feed your cats that come.

There’s a whole variety of furniture you can build and choose from and each attracts a different kind of cat. Furniture can cost a hefty amount of wood to make though, so the game can get a bit grindy when you’re farming for wood. There are some ads you can watch to get wood automatically, but it’s only for a short period of time. Aside from wood and fish, there are other items too that you can obtain that will help with the grind but you’ll need to grind for those items. (ha).

Graphically, Secret Cat Forest is artistically beautiful with hand drawn art. There is however not really that much to see,. It’s really just two environments with a day and night phase. Everything is really colorful and lively though and I really like the variety of cats you can collect. The music also compliments the art and is very soothing and relaxing.

Other than that, there’s isn’t much else to Secret Cat Forest. It’s mainly a cat collecting game with simple mechanics. It’s more of a relaxation game the nanything and will most likely appeal to cat lovers. It’s a cute game in the end that will also appeal to kids, but don’t expect anything deep here.

Google Play Store: Secret Cat Forest
Apple iTunes Store: Secret Cat Forest


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