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Tula Mic

I never thought I would ever say this, but that cheap mic you’re probably using on your computer just isn’t going to cut it anymore. When almost everything we do now requires some sort of vocal interaction with our computers, we need better equipment. That’s especially true for content creators, podcasters, vloggers, online gamers, musicians, and even those working remotely via Zoom, Teams, etc. So with that said, we need something like the Tula Mic, a high-quality USB microphone featuring custom DSP, noise reduction, built-in rechargeable battery, and the ability to function as a mobile recorder.

Tula Mic


The first thing you’ll notice about the Tula Microphone is just how amazing this thing looks. It looks unlike any microphone on the market right now thanks in part to its incredibly retro design. It’s a striking design and one that will immediately notice as soon as you take it out of the box.

The version we picked up was red with silver trim and it looks absolutely gorgeous. The inserts are red while the trim is raw aluminum. This also includes the removable stand which is also aluminum.

Flanking both sides of the mic are buttons used to control various actions on the mic. Most of these are only used when you’re using the Tula Mic as a portable recorder. The left side is used for playback while the right side is used for recording. There are a lot of buttons so you’re going to want to learn what they all are before messing with them.

On the back, there is a USB-C port. This is used for charging the Tula Mic and is also used when you want to connect the mic to your PC. If you’re on Windows 10, the mic just installs itself and you just need to choose the mic as your input device in the sound settings. This also will work on iOS and Android devices granted you are able to connect them to a USB-C source.


One of the highlighted features of the Tula Mic is noise cancellation provided by a program called Brusfri, created by Swedish software company, Klevgrand. What this does is remove small background sounds that you might not even notice, like the sound of your AC or an air purifier. This makes your normal-sounding room sound like a well-treated recording studio.

The Tula Mic also has dedicated cardioid and omnidirectional ECM capsules used to determine the direction in which the mic will capture the sound. Cardioid will pick up sound directly in front of the mic while Omni will pick up sounds all around the mic from all directions.

If you’re using the Tula Mic as a portable recorder, you’ll get about 10-14 hours of continuous recording depending on whether or not you have noise cancellation active. This is thanks to a 3.7V 700mAh lithium-ion battery. You’ll also get up to 14 hours of high-quality wav format files with its internal memory. You can access these with the built-in buttons or connect the Tula Mic to your computer to download the files. Note that if you the noise-canceling feature, you’ll get two audio tracks – the raw track and the one that has noise filtered out .

Tula Mic


Much of my experience so far with the Tula Mic has been with it connected to my PC. That’s where I would use something like this most often. So as a PC mic, the Tula Mic is actually very good and really surprised me with its performance. Let me explain.

So if you’re like me and sit in front of your computer all day, the last thing you want to do is wear a headset for that long of a time. While headsets are great for short bursts, they’re highly uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time. That’s why I normally just prefer some good speakers and a mic. The only problem with this is that the mic can sometimes pickup the audio from your speakers and that’s no good. This is why he Tula Mic is a bit of a game changer.

The Tula Mic helps with background noise in two ways. First up, if you use the cardioid capsule (unidirectional), it will mainly only pick up sounds from directly in front of the microphone, which hopefully will just be your own voice. Second, if you enable the noise cancellation, you can have it filter out any white noise coming from your room. You just have to let the mic first listen to what your room sounds like, and then you’re good to go. This does wonders for video calls as well as online gaming. According to the people on the other end, I end up sounding really loud and clear with almost zero background noise. They even say that they no longer hear that heavy breathing noise you sometimes hear with gaming headsets.

Tula Mic


If you’re looking for a quality mic with some really advanced features, look no further than the Tula Mic. You’ll be impressed with the build quality and all the features it has as well as the fact that it also works as a standalone recorder. You’ll also be impressed with just how good this thing looks, like something straight from the past, but modernized with today’s tech.

While the Tula Mic is on the upper end of the price spectrum, you get what you pay for. This is a quality piece of work that’s well worth the price of admission.


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