BodyQuest Out Now on Nintendo Switch | Trailer


Artax Games and Didactoon’s BodyQuest is officially out now on Nintendo Switch. BodyQuest is an educational adventure game for kids about the human body. Travel inside of your best friend’s bloodstream as you try to push back an invading alien virus threatening humankind.


Everybody system is an adventure Have fun with over 25 levels and negotiate all kinds of obstacles in order to get the disk that unlocks the nanobots solution. It will be a real adventure—you’ll have to deal with viruses, giant rolling stones, sticky walls, typhoons, puzzle games, and toxic smoke.
Upgrade your skills Improve your knowledge of the human body to unlock new forms and skills for your nano-tool: vacuum express, laser scalpel, extinguisher… and more! Use them all to overcome all the dangers that await inside the human body and build the cure.
Educational content For children aged 6-7:

  • Musculoskeletal system: Main elements, most important bones, and muscles, the difference between bones and muscles.
  • Nervous system: Basic elements, sense organs, perception through different senses.
  • Digestive system: Main organs, healthy eating habits, different foods, and flavors.
  • Respiratory system: Main parts, the difference between inspiration and expiration, healthy habits.
  • Circulatory system: Main organs and their functions.

For children aged 8-9:

  • Musculoskeletal system: Elements, up to 10 bones and 8 muscles names, the difference between bones and muscles.
  • Nervous system: Organs (brain, cerebellum, spine, neurons, and nerves) and their functions, basic parts of the eye, basic parts of the ear.
  • Digestive system: Elements, digestion process, and food classification according to their nutritional value.
  • Respiratory system: Organs, inspiration, and expiration process.
  • Circulatory system: Organs and their functions.

For children aged 10+ and adults:

  • Musculoskeletal system: Joints and cartilages, deeper knowledge of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Nervous system: Parts of the eye and their functions, parts of the ear and their functions.
  • Digestive system: Parts and their function in the digestion process, food wheel for a balanced diet, different foods and their nutrients.
  • Circulatory system: Process of blood circulation, main arteries, and veins, parts of the heart.

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