Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator Coming to Nintendo Switch on March 28

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator

Developed by Polish studio, MadGamesmith, Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is a tactical strategy game with roguelike elements where the player commands the brave Gauls and his quest to conquer Rome. The game will be available on March 28, 2021 on the Nintendo Switch. Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator was already released for PC, but will also be making its way to other consoles like PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox X/S.

The gameplay mainly consists of properly placing your warriors, planning their tasks, observing the battles and casting spells. Players can use a wide variety of units, equipped with items such as swords, spears or bows. During the battles you can also e.g. set traps, cast spells and use the catapults.

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator – main features:

  • tactical strategy game with roguelike elements;
  • Gauls and Romans;
  • unique gameplay model;
  • graphics inspired by the Asterix comic books;
  • various units, spells and tools of destruction;
  • ragdoll physics;
  • challenging difficulty level.

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