Plugable Full-Size Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is Perfect for Smartphones and Tablets | Review

Plugable Full-Size Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

I’ve been in search of the perfect keyboard to use with my smartphone, mainly because I’ve started to use the built-in desktop mode (e.g. Samsung DeX and LG Screen+). These are fantastic multitasking productivity tools that are built into the OS and to make the most out of it, you need a keyboard and mouse. When you’re on the go, however, you don’t want to be lugging around a huge desktop keyboard, so something small and compact is the way to go. That’s why I’ve decided to go with the Plugable Full-Size Folding Bluetooth Keyboard. Don’t let the name fool you though because the only thing full-size about it is the size of the keys. You see, the Plugable Full-Size Bluetooth Keyboard is a folding keyboard that shrinks down to about the size of a paperback book, making it easy to carry in your bag.

Plugable Full-Size Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

What Plugable has done here with their Full-Size Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is create a neat, compact package. The leather-like case for instance that helps protect the keyboard is also used as a phone and tablet stand. There is an adjustable piece at the bottom that is used to provide different viewing angles and the built-in magnets keep the whole setup nice and stable.

The keyboard unfolds and doubles in size to a full-size, 78-key keyboard with proper keys and spacing. It’s basically like a laptop keyboard in size, just detached. The body of the keyboard is made from aluminum while the face and keys are plastic. The hinge covers are also plastic while the hinges themselves are stainless steel. There is no backlighting, but the white text on black keys stands out enough where you shouldn’t need them in most situations.

The Plugable Full-Size Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is also made for a variety of platforms. While mainly laid out for PC use, it can be used with Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux. You just have to select what mode you’re in. I’m mainly using this for Android and it even has shortcut keys for many Android functions. The Win key brings up your favorite Assistant. The “square” key takes you back to the home screen. There are media keys to control whatever your music player is, and you can even lock and unlock your phone with a touch of a key.

To use it with your device, you just need to pair it via Bluetooth. You can also use the keyboard as a wired mouse by using the included Micro-USB cable and plugging it directly into your computer. The keyboard is also rechargeable and a few minutes of charge can provide hours of use.

Plugable Full-Size Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

In terms of feel, the keyboard feels very good when in use. It uses the same scissor-switch mechanism as many OEM keyboards and has a very nice, clicky feel. If you’re used to using a laptop keyboard then this will be no different. It is a very solid keyboard and when unfolded, feels just like any other non-folding keyboard.

With that said, the Plugable Full-Size Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is a great travel keyboard. In fact, this is now my go-to keyboard on trips and is a fantastic way to expand the functionality of your smartphone or tablet.


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