New Curse of the Dead Gods Update, Curse of Dead Cells Available Now | Trailer

Curse of the Dead Gods today released their latest update, Curse of the Dead Cells. This is a free major update which features new weapons, challenges and a curse inspired by Motion Twin’s acclaimed roguelite, Dead Cells.

Today’s Dead Cells-inspired update delivers three of the Prisoner’s iconic weapons, the unique Curse of the Beheaded, and the infamous Cursed Chest to spice up your runs. There’s also additional new weapons — including explosive Bombs — new relics, a bonus curse, and a host of balance and quality-of-life improvements.

Last but not least, today’s patch introduces the new Assist Mode for Curse of the Dead Gods, which lets you customize the game’s difficulty with a range of options to your choosing, perfect for those looking for an easier time in the temple or just trying to explore at their own leisure.

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