Road 96 Coming to Nintendo Switch | Trailer

Road 96

After announcing that Road 96 was coming to PC, DigixArt officially announced at Nintendo Indie World that the game is also coming to Nintendo Switch. AS part of the announcement, new gameplay footage was also shown off during the broadcast. Road 96 is a procedural narrative adventure where you must escape a country on the brink of collapse and reach the border, thousands of miles away in the mountains.

During each run to the border, you’ll have dozens of choices to make regarding your means of travel, your interactions with the inhabitants and if you manage, or not, to solve puzzles and stay alive. All the decisions you are making alter your experience, closing options, opening some others. Your choices matter, unveil more of the stories and secrets of this nation’s troubled past.

In Road 96, as you travel the back roads of the country during the hot summer of ‘96, you will come across certain troubled citizens. Every decision you make will impact their life and your journey to the border. Each playthrough is procedurally generated and will be unique for everyone. In Road 96, no one’s road is the same!


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