PSA: Check Your PS Plus Auto-Renew Settings

PS Plus Auto Renew

If you’re a PS Plus member, you might want to go into your account and check your Auto-Renew settings. Apparently, these might have been turned back on for some users after the website refresh and you’ll be paying a lot more for PS Plus with this on than you would off. This happened to my son without him knowing and would have happened to me too if I had not checked after it happened to him.

PS Plus at full price is $59.99 but you’ll regularly find it for much less, usually $29.99 or less now online through services like CDKeys. Just check Slickdeals often. Don’t let Sony charge you full price for this.

To turn off Auto-Renew, just go online to your PlayStation account, and under your profile, hit subscription management. From there, just turn the Auto-Renew feature, off. To be safe, also go under payment management and turn off “Automatically Add Funds to Renew Subscriptions or Pay for Pre-Ordered Content”.

The auto-renew feature is quite literally the worst feature, especially if you originally used a pre-paid subscription card or code to become a member. This should not be a setting that is automatically turned on and Sony needs to change this. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to turn this off and it’s getting ridiculous, honestly. I know others have had this issue too. Your best bet is to turn off auto-renew as soon as you enter your subscription code but set a reminder too about 11-months later just to double-check that it hasn’t turned itself back on again.

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