Hand-Drawn Puzzle Platformer, Out of Line is Coming This Summer to PC and Consoles

Developed by Nerd Monkeys and published by Hatinh Interactive, Out of Line is an award winning hand-drawn puzzle platformer that is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC this summer and on PS4 and XB1 later this year. Out of Line depicts the adventures of San, a young boy trapped in a factory controlled by an ominous and strange entity. As San collects memories and solves puzzles to  unearth fragments of his identity and discover the true meaning of freedom.

Out of Line’s narrative is told through its beautiful hand painted artistic landscape which points to relevant topics such as oppression, isolation, courage, optimism and hope. Players can expect to mull over philosophical depictions in between puzzle segments, especially as they relate to human existentialism in the age of technology. Though the world may seem mysterious at first glance, players will steadily find themselves relating to San and his experiences as each chapter unfolds. 

Out of Line launches for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam this summer and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

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