Fly TOGETHER! for Nintendo Switch | Review


Fly TOGETHER! by Northplay is the followup to the award winning game, Conduct TOGETHER!. In Fly TOGETHER!, you get to be the air traffic controller and must direct planes from airport to airport without incident. You do so by drawing paths around the screen and hope that none of the planes crash into each other, delivering the precious passengers safely to their destinations. What makes Fly TOGETHER! fun though is when friends and family join in because nothing makes things more hectic than when there are too many people trying to help out.

The basic premise of Fly TOGETHER! is this: you must create flight paths for planes so they can make it to their destination safely. That means avoid other planes in the air as well as environmental hazards like mountains and storms. Solo players will mostly be concentrating on campaign mode, which is where you complete levels to open up more and more of the map and new challenges. Solo mode however isn’t as easy at it sounds. The main issue here is that is is very difficult to manage a bunch of planes by yourself and to make them go where they’re supposed to go. While it’s true that you don’t have other people around messing up your plans, there’s only so much you can do on your own and soon you’ll be overwhelmed with how many planes you need to manage.

It’s difficult, but not impossible. Once you master the different control schemes and start getting the hang of how to draw flight paths correctly, you’ll soon get the hang of things. The motion controls are probably the easiest to get used to, but it’s much easier on a large TV than it is on a small screen. Tabletop mode is going to be iffy because of the size. In handheld mode, using the sticks isn’t too bad, but it is very sensitive. Best way to play this way is to use the shoulder buttons to switch between planes tho select them.

The most fun however comes when you start inviting others to play. Two players makes things easier but add three and four players, and things can get downright chaotic. That’s not a bad thing though as it makes Fly TOGETHER! incredibly fun. Nothing screams party like others yelling and laughing at the top of their lungs in frustration! That’s how it should be with couch co-op games though. That’s what makes them so fun to play.

If you grow tired of campaign mode, you can always switch to battle mode. Battle mode allows for up to 8-players, though I’ve only been able to try up four, since I don’t have that many people in my household to play with. Battle mode basically is time based and each player must collect points with each plane they land safely. The winner is the person that has the most points. What keeps battle mode interesting are the power-ups and you can enable, such as tailwinds as well as weird obstacles like electrical storms, giant cakes, and even tornadoes. Basically, battle mode is like campaign mode, but wit ha bit of “Mario Kart” thrown in, if you know what I mean.

To keep you coming back for more, Fly TOGETHER! also has a leveling system where the higher the level, the more airplanes you can unlock at your airport. Each plane has different characteristics such as more passengers it can carry or high speeds, so you’ll definitely want to unlock the best planes for a better advantage. You will have to collect coins though to purchase these planes too, too choose what you spend your money on wisely. I also suggest trying for the 3-star finish on each level for high scores and more money to spend.

So is Fly TOGETHER! worth a buy? I’d say if you were going to purchase this as a party game or to play with your family, the answer is yes. This is an incredibly fun game for multiplayer and I basically love most games that are couch co-op because I don’t need to purchase multiple copies of the game to play with my kids. However, if you’re just playing this as a solo game, I’d leave that choice up to you. While this is a good management type game on it’s own, I don’t really know how much you’d enjoy playing it just by yourself after the first few days. I’d probably pick it up on sale though with the hopes of maybe getting other to play it with me later, but I’d mainly only buy this if I knew 100% I had other who wanted to play it too.

With that said, Fly TOGETHER! is a good game, but it isn’t going to be for everyone.

Fly TOGETHER! is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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