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OK Golf

I love golf games. It’s actually one of the few sports-type video games I actually like playing. I find gold not only relaxing to play but also challenging at the same time. There’s just something about trying to get a tiny ball into a tiny hole in as few strokes as possible that makes golf incredibly fun for me. And it’s not just realistic golf either. I’ve played everything from 2D golf, arcade-style golf, mini-golf, and even battle golf. Anyways, I needed a new golf game to play on my phone and I stumbled upon OK Golf on the Google Play Store. The graphics caught my eye and then the overall premise got me to download it. Basically, this is golf on a small scale with simple mechanics that are perfect for any casual gamer but still challenging enough for veterans.

OK Golf features beautifully designed golf courses in diorama format. Each course is designed in a minimalist way with as little polygons as needed. The course are very bright and colorful and each bring about their own level of challenges. There are 15 courses total and each have 18 holes to play along with secret levels thrown in.

The gameplay and controls are incredibly user-friendly and anyone can pretty much learn to play in seconds. Using simple aim, drag, and release mechanics, all you need to do is point the ball and give it as much power as needed. Then just release. It’s that simple. Physics in the game does seem pretty good and realistic enough where you’ll need to take into consideration things like slope and wind. It’s not all entirely perfect however as sometimes objects like trees can block the ball, making it hard to aim.

OK Golf

OK Golf isn’t just a solo game either as you can match up online with other players and compete like that as well. I prefer playing solo, however.

While OK Golf isn’t a new game, it seems like it’s still alive and kicking. With users still downloading and playing it. From what I’ve played so far, I can see why because OK Golf really is a great game. Like I said above, it’s a great casual golf game that is still challenging enough for those who prefer more realistic simulations. I’m a fan of the art style myself, but the gameplay is also top-notch and I love being able to just play a few holes, leaving, and then coming back for more later. With that said, OK Golf is definitely a must-pick-up if you love golf games.

Google Play Store: OK Golf
Apple App Store: OK Golk


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