Energy: Anti Stress Loops | Mobile Review

Energy: Anti Stress Loops is a relaxing, puzzle game that helps relieve stress and anxiety. Developed by Infinity Games, Energy: Loops features minimalist brain-teasers that can also boost your logic skills and improve concentration. These are basically beautifully design puzzles that require little more than a few taps here and there to solve that pretty much anyone can play.

The puzzles in the game aren’t terribly hard and are in fact pretty easy to solve. The point of the game isn’t to be hard though. It’s meant as a means to relax and be calming while you play. Solving the puzzles make you feel good and the simplicity of it all means you can play at your leisure throughout your day.

To solve, you can just tap on each piece until they rotate where you want to. Pieces will light up if placed correctly and when all the pieces are lit, you have solved the puzzle. You are encouraged to play with headphones on as the audio and music are also meant to be calming and immersive.

This game is part of the Infinity Loop franchise so if you enjoyed that game, you’ll enjoy this.

Energy: Anti Stress Loops features endless brain-teasers and its progression is like an endless circle. That means that you can play this game forever really as you will never really ever finish it.

Google Play Store: Energy: Anti Stress Loops


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