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Disney Pop Town

Disney Pop Town is a match 3 style game not unlike Emoji Blitz. That’s because it’s created by the same developers, Jam City. While similar, it’s also very different and isn’t just a standard match 3 game. Pop Town is more like Candy Crush to some extent where instead of trying to go for the highest score, you instead are trying to beat each new board that features challenges you need to accomplish to complete them. Not only that but you’re also tasked with rebuilding different Disney towns as you progress, which gives you something to aim for while you’re completing these puzzles.

In terms of gameplay, Disney Pop Town is too different from many other match 3 games out there. In fact, puzzle-wise, it doesn’t really bring that much new to the table. What does keep you coming back for more is the whole Disney aspect of the game and collecting different outfits for your character. Outfits are unlocked via random loot boxes and you’ll need in-game currency to open them. You earn these as you play, though you just shell out real money like any other free-to-play game out there. There are different types of currency in Pop Town and some are much easier to acquire than others.

Outfits aren’t just for decoration and nostalgia either. Each outfit has its own special bonuses that can help you when trying to complete each puzzle. For instance, some might reward special power-ups while others might give bonus points or coins. There are also different tiers of outfits and obviously, the higher tier ones give better bonuses.

Aside from the outfit collecting, you are also tasked with rebuilding Disney-themed towns. Each town starts off in a ruined, dilapidated state. You must collect stars from completing each level and then use those stars to rebuilt each town piece by piece. I like the fact that it gives you something else to do and the art for each town is actually pretty good. Pop Town actually has really good artwork in it and the game itself is very suitable for players of all ages who enjoy anything Disney.

On to things some might not like. The game ramps up in difficulty pretty quickly, but the puzzles themselves are not impossible. You just need to take the time to learn the ins and outs. Sometimes you get lucky and can complete a puzzle in one try and other times, it’ll take you more times than you can count to pass another. This again is no different from other match 3 games you might have played. Also, you might be tempted to use in-app purchases, but you really don’t have to. You don’t really need them to complete the puzzles unless you’re super impatient.

With that said, I’m hooked. It’s an addicting puzzle game and I’m also playing it because my daughter is playing it too. We like to compete to see who’s on the highest level and compare different outfits we have. I’m also really enjoying the challenge of trying to complete each puzzle which I can do on my own time. I’m a fan of these casual game that I can just drop in, play a few minutes, and then come back later too.

Google Play Store: Disney Pop Town
Apple App Store: Disney Pop Town


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