IMILAB EC4 is a Solar Power Outdoor Cam That Charges Itself | Review


Home security is important, especially if you’re the type who worries. I’m not saying to expect that anything terrible will happen in your home while you’re away, but you should always be prepared for that possibility. The good news is that adding security devices in your home is easier than ever. For instance, if you want to add surveillance cameras, it’s as easy as plugging in some hardware and downloading an app. IMILAB makes some pretty good cameras and their latest, the IMILAB EC4 is their most advanced outdoor camera available, featuring 2.5K video, full-color night vision, IP66 waterproofing, and the ability to charge the camera via solar power.


For starters, the IMILAB EC4 is very easy to install. Whether you decide to install it indoors or outdoors, it’s as simple as finding a place to secure the mount and then attaching the camera to it. You will also need to install the included hub near your router which just requires a network connection and power. If you have other IMILAB cameras, you probably already have the IMILAB Home app, but if not, you can download that here. Lastly, if you’re installing the IMILAB EC4 outdoors, you can also install the solar power panel to provide power continuously to the camera. That means no more needing to recharge the camera every few weeks like other cameras.

What you’re going to like about the IMILAB EC4 is not only the 2.5K video quality but also the built-in spotlight. That’s because, with the spotlight, you’re able to get full-color night vision that is much clearer than the traditional mono-color night vision that can make details hard to make out. The spotlight also is activated via motion so it only comes on when it needs to come on.


The IMILAB Home app is also fairly simple to use and makes it easy to monitor what’s going on within the camera’s line of sight with just a few clicks. You can also use the app toe schedule times when it can alert you of any activity as well as recording videos to the cloud.

As good as the IMILAB EC4 sounds and works, there have been some hiccups during my regular use. For starters, there were some issues with the connection between the hub and the camera where the camera would show up as offline after a few hours. When this happens, there would be no way to bring it back online other than to delete the camera and re-pair it again as new. Of course, this is no longer an issue because, through the time I’ve had the camera, IMILAB has pushed out many updates to the hub and camera firmware as well as updates to the IMILAB Home app. Now it works perfectly. These updates came pretty quickly too which is a good sign of the type of support IMILAB will provide.


What sets the IMILAB EC4 apart from other outdoor security cameras is most definitely the solar power panel that you can use. That means with the solar panel, it’ll be constantly charging the camera during the daytime and you’ll never run out of power at night. That’s different from other outdoor cameras I’ve seen that require the use of batteries that need replacing or a unit that needs recharging every few weeks. Also, the 2K video + the spotlight night vision feature makes this an incredible deterrent at night since having a light turn on in the dark brings attention to whoever might be sneaking around and color night vision means you’ll be able to see much better detail.

The IMILAB EC4 is definitely a top choice if you’re in search of an indoor/outdoor security camera that features 2K video, motion detection, color night vision, spotlight, and more. Not only that, the solar power charger really helps the EC4 stand out. So with that said, the IMILAB EC4 definitely shines among its peers.

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