Together is a 2D Platformer Focused on Co-op Play – Coming June 16 to Nintendo Switch | Trailer

Developed by Polish studio, The Dust, and published by Ultimate Games, Together is a new dynamic and colorful 2D platformer that is focused on cooperative play.

Together is a 2D cooperative platformer. The game offers both a single-player mode and a local co-op mode for two players. The creators have prepared a very diverse world, which has been stripped of its colors by the evil Mona Chrome. The player’s goal is to transform each level and fill the world with colors again.

Apart from the main theme of coloring the bleak world and the rope mechanics, the developers have also focused on, among others, caricatured characters with unique skills and a large dose of light humor.

Together – features:

  • a 2D platformer brimming with colors;
  • unique rope mechanics;
  • more than 20 varied levels;
  • dynamic cooperation;
  • 12 different characters.

The digital launch of Together (Nintendo eShop) is scheduled for June 16, 2021. Together will be released on other platforms either later this year or early 2022.

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