Voxel-MMO, Trove, is Available Now on Nintendo Switch | Trailer

Free-to-play voxel-MMO, Trove, is available now on Nintendo Switch. Developed by The Gamigo Group, Trove is already enjoyed by over 28 million fans on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Now you can take the game on the go with the Nintendo Switch.

In a seamless blend of adventure, world-building and exhilarating combat, players can explore a game filled to the brim with challenges and new friends to meet, with each of Trove’s 17 classes* as unique as they are quirky. 

Trove is unlike any other game on the market — it constantly evolves and is continuously shaped by its community, quite literally. Players can build their own weapons, items, dungeons and much, much more. They can enjoy these new creations in their own game world, while submitting them to the Trove team may see them added to the full game — with over 5,000 player entries added, to date, so all Trove players can enjoy them.

Trove is a game that easily fits any playstyle. Whether you just want to go in and explore the vast varieties of surface levels of the countless game worlds, or dive deep into dark dungeons, fight foes, craft, or just have a good time with your friends, Trove’s got something for everyone.

The game regularly receives a plethora of substantial updates and new content, including, most recently, the new Bard class, as well as the Delves expansion that brings a host of new features to the hit title.

Trove prides itself in its dedicated community and player-driven content. The MMO offers a dynamic game world that supports endless creativity, and the Nintendo Switch is the ideal platform for taking Trove, as well as its fans, to a whole new level of creativity and collaboration.

Trove is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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