Together is a Co-op Platformer for Nintendo Switch | Review


If you enjoy playing games locally with friends or family, you may like Together, a colorful 2D platformer that features cooperative play. Developer by Polish studio The Dust and published by Ultimate Games, Together features both single and local co-op play with an interesting cast of characters and an interesting art style that will sure grab your attention.

There isn’t really much of a store to Together, other than you trying to bring back the color to a world stripped of it by the evil Mona Chrome.

Together is a little bit different when played solo or in co-op mode. In solo mode, you choose two characters, but you can only play each character on their own. You use one first, but if you die with that one, the second character will appear for you to continue with. It sort of works like that too in co-op mode, but both players choose two characters and one from each is on the screen at the same time, with each being tethered by a rope between them. You and a friend control each character independently of each other and must stay close to each other, otherwise, if you split too far apart, you have 5 seconds to come back together. Otherwise, the game will automatically shoot you back to your teammate.

Like most platform games, there are jumping elements involved. You can double jump in this game as well as grab on to wall and wall jump. That means there’s a lot of verticalities involved and this isn’t just a side-to-side game but also up and down need to be considered. The goal of most levels here is to recolor each level by finding the Pictorian Crystals and then finding your way to the exit of each level. Technically, you don’t really need to find the crystals, but they help unlock new characters you can use. Each has their own unique abilities.


In terms of the art style, it is rather interesting. It kind of has this puppet cutout sort of look to it where the parts on your characters move on joints or something like how a paper cut would. It’s different and I actually really like it. It does certainly give Together a really unique look that you don’t see too often these days. Needless to say, character designs are rather good and the same goes for the level designs. Not only are they good to look at, but they also offer up a decent amount of challenge with their designs.

What else is there to say about Together? Not much really. Together features a colorful cast of characters and really interesting gameplay elements and levels to keep you coming back for more. The co-op aspect of the game is unique and does make the game more fun when you have someone playing with you at the same time. Local multiplayer games are some of the most fun you can have on a Nintendo Switch and Together is no different.

So is Together worth a purchase? As a solo platform game, it’s pretty good and has a lot to offer, though it might not be as deep as other platform games. However the addition of co-op play makes this much more fun and exciting. Nothing gets the blood pumping more than playing with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, but that’s the charm of it. One part is trying to play it with a handicap and the other is teaching someone who doesn’t know how to play, how to play. With that said, Together is a pretty interesting game and it’s always good to support those indie developers so they can come up with other crazy and unique games.

Together is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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