Super Magbot for Nintendo Switch | Review

Super Magbot

When you think platform game, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably jumping, as that is a staple of any good platform game. However, can a platform game be a platform game if you can’t jump? Super Magbot tries to defy this logic as a 2D platform game that has no jumping! Published by Team17 and developed by Astral Pixel, Super Magbot is a game about speed and the creative use of magnets as a substitute to that in which our hero is lacking.

In essence, Super Magbot is very much a speed running game. While it is a platformer, the objective really is to finish each level in the shortest amount of time. If you don’t care about speed running, then you can just try to finish each level regardless of the time, but trying to shave of seconds or tenths of a second can be quite enjoyable.

Gameplay wise, Super Magbot is quite interesting. because there is no jump ability, you can only really move left or right. You do have the sue of two magnets however and each is of a different polarity. To make thing simple, it’s just a blue magnet and a red magnet. Magnets and plates of the same color attract each other while using a different color will repel each other. So if you use a red magnet on a blue plate, it will shoot you in the opposite direction. If you aim a blue magnet at a blue plate, it will draw you in closer. This in is how you overcome the lack of jumping. Repelling polarity lets you jump while attracting ones would be similar to a grappling hook.

Super Magbot

It’s this type of magnetic gameplay that really sets Super Magbot apart from other platform games. It’s a very unique gamplay feature that is simple, but can also get super confused if you lose focus. Basically you have to remember that left trigger is blue and right trigger is red, but you also have to remember to use the right magnet based on what plate you’re heading to and what you want it to do. You also have to aim the magnets so that’s another layer of difficulty there. This is where the speed running mechanics come into play because basically you’ll probably be playing each level several times before you get it right. And by doing so, you’ll probably be forced subconsciously to try and get the best times you can.

Aside from the gameplay, the art in Super Magbot is very good. I like the retro pixel look. The color pallet is pretty dark, but that’s probably so that the red and the blue colors for the magnets stand out more. Level designs are pretty varied but most are very well thought out. In terms of audio, the retro theme also carries over here with music that sounds very retro inspired.

Super Magbot

So is Super Magbot worth the purchase? Yes. This is an excellent platform game and the way the game uses magnets is very unique. It adds a whole new layer to the usual platform games and really helps Super Magbot stand out. I also like the speedrunning aspects as well as that provides quite a bit of replay value. Of course, there are other things to do like find hidden Star Fragments to unlock new secrets as well to keep you busy for a long time.

Super Magbot is available now on the Nintendo eShop for $17.99.

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