Just Die Already for Nintendo Switch Features Old People, but Doesn’t Get Old | Review

Just Die Already

Open world sandbox games are usually pretty fun, despite there not being a real clear point or objective to them. On of my favorites was that of Goat Simulator mainly because you just did whatever you wanted where ever you wanted and it was just a silly game overall. There really hasn’t been another game like that, until now. Published by Curve Digital and developed by DoubleMoose, Just Die Already: Old People Mayhem Simulator is a sandbox game not unlike Goat Simulator. That’s no surprise though considering it’s built by the same designers.

In Just Die Already, you play as an old person and basically just wreck havoc around town. After being kicked out of your retirement home, you must find a way back into your home by completing dangerous challenges and explore the world for retirement tickets to qualify for free retirement care. That’s pretty much the depth of the story. Most people will probably not even know there is a story and play Just Die Already like they did Goat Simulator, which is to just roam the world in search of crazy antics to get into and to discover secrets that only get triggered by performing certain things.

Not only that, you’ll also have a bucket list of items you can perform and check off. These are mainly challenges you perform that can unlock items or tickets for you to use in-game. Each part of the city that you open has its own set of bucket list items, so you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on this and complete as many of the challenges that you can.

Just Die Already

Aside from that, you basically just have fun. Run around town, throw fireworks and explosives, drive scooters, tie balloons to people, taunt civilians, and more. All the while, you’ll also probably become limbless, get decapitated, blow up, devoured by hungry piranha, or even flattened by a steamroller. This is a game where death is just around the corner for you, but luckily, you can magically re-spawn and continue havoc on your town.

The controls aren’t too hard to learn either. For the most part, it controls almost any other third-person game. Top shoulder buttons let you grab onto objects while the two triggers let you use them. The “A” button is for jumping, “B” lets you drop to the ground, “Y” is for respawning, and “X” is for some special actions. Basically, you should pretty much get into the game pretty quickly without much issue.

Just Die Already

Those who have played Goat Simulator know how glitchy that game can get, especially with the crazy ragdoll physics, and Just Die Already can be the same way. I’ve seen elongated limbs, exaggerated physics, and other wonky things, but that’s honestly the charm of these games because everything is so unpredictable and random.

Graphically, Just Die Already is much nicer looking than Goat Simulator. The city is literally full of detail and places to explore and I like how much more dense everything is. There also seems to be a lot more NPCs to interact with and items to find. Also, the sandbox itself seems really huge with tons of different areas to discover.

Just Die Already

So is Just Die Already fun? Yes, it is. If you enjoyed Goat Simulator, you’ll enjoy Just Die Already even more. These two games are very similar but Just Die Already is leaps and bounds a much better game all-around. It has better graphics, more things to do, and in general just a tighter package. There are even co-op multiplayer and PVP modes in the game so you can enjoy it with friends. Just Die Already is a much better package and game then Goat Simulator ever was, making this the must have mayhem sandbox simulator in your collection. Trust me, you won’t regret it, though you may feel bad for putting these old people through hell.

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