Boomerang X is Fast-Paced Arena Combat on the Nintendo Switch | Review

Boomerang X

Boomerang X is an arena style shooter combat game by Devolver Digital and DANG!. You are the lone survivor of a shipwreck, stranded on an island full of mysterious beasts that are out to get you. In order to survive, you’ll need sharp reflexes, tremendous accuracy, and various abilities to beat overwhelming odds. You only weapon is a boomerang which resembles that of a very 80’s weapon from the movie Krull, the Glaive. While this game has nothing to do with that movie, one can only notice the similarities between these weapons.

First, let’s start with the art. Boomerang X is a very good-looking game with a very interesting style. If there was a style that would be considered the opposite of cell shading, then this would be it as almost everything in the game is devoid of any black borders. It’s as if the whole world and that of the characters were all made of really detailed, paper cutouts. That’s the best that I can explain it that makes any sense. Anyways, the environmental designs are very detailed and do vary from area to area. Enemy designs are also pretty varied and most consist of looking like ominous black shadows.

Boomerang X

Gameplay is also fairly straightforward and similar to other first person style shooting games, even though this isn’t really a shooter in the traditional sense. The game starts at quite simply and at first all you can do is throw your boomerang. It goes bouncing around the environment and eventually comes back to you. As you play, you gain different abilities associated with the boomerang, such as being able to recall it immediately, being able to slow time while aiming, gaining a scatter shot, and more. Most of the game consists or entering an area and then clearing it of several waves of enemies using what you’ve learned. Each area will consist of harder and harder enemies with a combination of new and old.

Enemies are defeated in a few ways. Easier enemies can be hit anywhere with your boomerang. Harder enemies have targets on them that you must precisely hit in order to kill them. These are usually marked in red, though sometimes they aren’t immediately noticeable because they are hidden. Each enemy has their own unique spot, but hitting it won’t always be easy at some enemies also have unique defenses and attacks. You’ll figure it out though as you play.

Boomerang X

Boomerang X though can feel a little bit repetitive as you get further into the game. Mainly, you’re just doing the same thing in each area you go to. Basically, you get stuck in a room, then have to survive against several waves of enemies by killing the ones with the yellow marker over their heads. When that’s all done, you just find the door out, learn a new move, and then head to the next area. Rinse and repeat. This is pretty much a straight-up action game. It would have been nice if there were maybe some puzzle elements thrown in to break up all the action. The only other issue might be the length, as the game is fairly short and can be beaten in a few hours.

So with that said, while Boomerang X could be a tiny bit repetitive, I would say that it’s a pretty unique game thanks in part to the boomerang mechanics, making it a worthwhile play. The combat is solid with some very creative uses for the boomerang and is what makes the game so fun. Luckily, Boomerang X is priced accordingly so at $19.99, it’s worth a purchase.

Boomerang X is available now in the Nintendo eShop.

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