Curved Space on Nintendo Switch is a Twin-Stick Shooter with a Twist | Review

Curved Space

Curved Space is an arcade-style, twin-stick shooter in space. Developed by Maximum Games, Curve Space is a fast-paced shooter full of action and dangers from cosmic space-invading spiders across curved landscapes where bullets hug the terrain while the horizon drops sharply out of sight.

What makes Curved Space unique are the curved environments. They seem to bend and twist into themselves so you’re not only playing on the top of the environment, but also on the other side of it. This gives the illusion of an infinite playing field but all it’s really doing is just wrapping in on itself. It’s a really cool effect and makes it so the playing area doesn’t feel so cramped. All the action occurs down low near the ground so all enemies and weapon’s fire stay grounded. Speaking of which, I like the fact that there are even what “boss” battles aside from just the standard spider horde.

Since this is a twin-stick shooter, left stick is for movement while the right stick is to aim. however, aiming doesn’t auto fire like in other twin-sticks. Instead you’ll have to fire your weapons using the trigger. I believe they did this because there are other fire modes that you can enable with trigger and shoulder pad combinations so this is a bit more deep than your standard twin-stick shooter. Like other games though, there are a ton of weapon upgrades you can grab along the way to help you out. You also get new ship upgrades as you progress through the game.

Curved Space is pretty fun if you enjoy playing twin-stick shooters. I also like the story aspect as there is a story as well as full voice overs for dialogs. Graphically, the game also looks really good and certainly plays up the whole space theme. It sort of reminds me of F-Zero, but as a shooter and not as a racer. The action does get fast and furious, so there’s that. Curved Space also offers up a several different modes of play. There’s Campaign, Daily Runs, Arena, Survival and Endless game modes.

  • Campaign: Take on the role of an energy harvester in the midst of a galactic spider invasion. Your choices will lead you to take on one of three potential versions of the game’s protagonist to fight back the invasion on asteroids, space stations, and other intergalactic stages. Each unique version takes the story in a different direction.
  • Survival: Fight through waves of invaders with each wave presenting a new, more difficult challenge.
  • Endless: Tackle waves of randomized challenges from the campaign as well as additional objectives as you adapt to what the game decides to throw your way.
  • Daily Run: You get one shot each day to complete this daily run and achieve the highest score possible.
Curved Space

So is Curved Space worth a buy? I believe so. It’s a really good twist to the classic twin-stick shooter genre with a good mix of unique features to make it stand out. There’s also enough game modes to keep you busy for quite a long while and to keep the game enjoyable.

Curve Space is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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