Cotton Reboot on Nintendo Switch | Review

Cotton Reboot

Cotton Reboot is a side-scrolling shoot’em up series that first began 30 years ago with games that have appeared on many early consoles such as PC Engine, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and the original PlayStation. The series has received many accolades and acclaim for its fast action and colorful and detailed presentation of its cast – mainly the central character of Cotton and her helper fairy. Brought to you by ININ Games and Beep, Cotton Reboot is an HD remaster of the original game with improved graphics and sound, new game modes, and leaderboards. It even comes with the original game in X6800 mode.

For those that don’t know, Cotton is a young witch that loves Willow (a candy). One day a fairy by the name of Silk appears and asks Cotton for her help in exchange for Willow. Cotton agrees and both she and her new fairy companion set off to defeat the evils of darkness and to bring light back to the world.

Let’s start with the art in Cotton Reboot. All the art has been redone and hand-drawn from the ground up. The overall look is similar to the original but modernized for a new generation of players. This also includes a new 16:9 screen to fit the whole screen. I really do like the art here and it has that retro anime look to it that you really don’t see too often anymore. To go along with the new art is new remixed music and audio. I love the Japanese audio track here and the music is very retro feeling. All-in-all, the presentation is top-notch and worthy of such a classic game.

In terms of gameplay, I tried playing both the classic X6800 Mode and the new Arranged Mode and I honestly prefer the new mode. Controls are much more fluid and tight and the action itself is way more hectic and crazy. The Arranged Mode just has much more going on at once and the graphics just look better too. Not to say the classic mode isn’t good too, but just saying the remade parts are better. Also, Timeattack is interesting too as you’re only playing for about 2-5 minutes to try and get the highest score possible for the leaderboards. Speaking of which, all modes have leaderboards that you can post to a global ranking system. It’s a neat way to add some competitiveness to the game.

Cotton Reboot

So is Cotton Reboot worth a purchase? Totally. This is a retro remake done right and fans of the original Corron: Fantastic night Dreams will surely love Cotton Reboot. The including of the original adds nostalgia while the new modes and remade graphics help modernize this classic game for a new generation of players. This is the epitome of a Japanese-style side-scrolling shoot’em up and one that you’ll surely enjoy over and over again.

Cotton Reboot! is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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