WitchSpring3 RE:Fine – The Story of Eirudy on Nintendo Switch | Review

The latest entry in the WitchSpring series, WitchSpring3 RE:Fine – The Story of Eirudy is a standalone game from ININ Games and STUDIOARTDINK. WitchSpring3 Re:Fine – The Story of Eirudy is a self contained RPG and story so there’s no need to play any of the previous games if you haven’t. The game tells the tale of a reclusive witch named Eirudy who lives in the Misty Forest with her many dolls. Her life for the most part seems fairly uninteresting until she comes across a young man, thus beginning her adventures.

WitchSpring3 Re:Fine – The Story of Eirudy plays like pretty much any other RPG. The game is very story heavy so you’ll want to read everything that pops up on the screen. Some of the text will be read out loud by their respective voice actors while others are just pure text. Gameplay is also on par with what you’d expect with a healthy dose of physical and magical attacks. This is a turn-based RPG so battling means each side takes a turn until someone reaches 0hp.

Like any good RPG too, you’ll also need to level up your skills, stats, and magic abilities. You’ll also be able to gather materials while you explore and use those materials to craft items and new abilities. There seems to be plenty to collect and plenty to craft.

Back to the combat system, it is a tiny bit simplistic, but that just means that casual players or those who aren’t quite as experienced with hardcore RPG games can really get into this. Movement is also simplified and while you may think this is an open world game, it really isn’t. The world is broken up in to small areas, each with “doors” that lead to other areas. You’re pretty limited in where you can go, but the map itself of the world seems fairly large. What I do like is that there aren’t any random battles. You engage in battles on your own and if you look at an enemies stats and see that it might be too powerful for you to take on, you always have the option of just running away without taking damage. If you do happen to lose all your HP in a battle, the game just teleports you back to your house.


Aside from the gameplay, the art style in the game is very good. Everything is so bright and colorful and has this glow about it. There’s also a very Anime-like feel to everything which I certainly appreciate because I love Anime. The art style alone was enough to keep me invested. Same goes for the soundtrack and audio. The Japanese vocals really stand out as well as the music score.

Is WitchSpring3 Re:Fine – The Story of Eirudy any good? It actually is. Despite some of the simplicity, the game is actually really deep. There’s a surprisingly good amount of crafting involved and and leveling up your stats so that should keep you quite busy. The story also seems pretty good so far and enough to keep me interested in playing further. That’s in addition to the actual gameplay which is pretty fun. There is a grind, but it doesn’t feel like a forced grind. It feels more like you’re grinding because you want to and not because you have to. So with that said, if you like RPGs or you want an RPG that’s easy to get into, give WitchSpring3 Re:Fine – The Story of Eirudy a go. You won’t be disappointed.

WitchSpring3 RE: Fine – The Story of Eirudy is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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