My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge | Mobile Review

My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is finally on mobile and amazing enough, this is actually a brand new game and not a port of the console and PC version. Brought to you by Devolver Digital and Deadtoast Entertainment, My Friend Pedro on mobile is very much like the console and PC version at its core, but has simplified touch based controls and a new art style that is much more cartoony and less realistic. You’re still an assassin helping your friend Pedro get back his wife and kids from the mobsters who have kidnapped them.

Starting off the with graphics, the art has a very different look from the console version. Like I said above, most of it has been simplified and has a less realistic look. The main character sort of looks like a stick figure and the enemies look like troll versions of real humans. The level designs have also been simplified a bit, but not to the extent that the characters have been. The game still looks pretty good though and certainly does have a unique a style that differentiates it from the other versions.

Gameplay here has also been updated and simplified for touch based controls. The original console game had a complex control scheme that definitely would not have worked for the mobile version. My Friend Pedro here relies mostly on slingshot style controls not unlike what you see on something like Angry Birds. Basically pull back to adjust the power of a jump and aim to adjust angle. You can also grab on to walls and the game gives you a few seconds to set up for a wall jump before falling off. Shooting has also been massively simplified where all you need to do is tap where you want to shoot.

There are 37 levels total, but you only have three lives to try and complete them. If you die, you can either watch an ad to continue. If you want to be able to choose which levels you play, you’ll need to watch an ad. If you happen to 3-star a level, then you can just play it without watching an ad. There is an in-app purchase to upgrade to the premium version which allows you to replay levels as much as you want without the need to start over or watch ads. It also unlocks Blood Rush Mode.

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge on mobile is very good. It’s just as fun as the console versions, but a lot easier for most people to get into. The simplified controls scheme works really well in this game and is a lot less frustrating than the console controls. So with that said, I’d definitely give this game a go. It’s free for the most part and pretty fun and if you really like it, go ad-free with the premium upgrade.

Google Play Store: My Friend Pedro
iTunes App Store: My Friend Pedro


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