The Magnificent Trufflepigs Coming to Nintendo Switch on August 26

AMC Games and Thunkd are happy to announce that The Magnificent Trufflepigs will be coming to Nintendo Switch on August 26, 2021. This also includes the Epic Game Store as it was originally only available on STEAM.

Crafted by Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture lead designer Andrew Crawshaw and scored by Kevin Penkin (Florence, Necrobarista), The Magnificent Trufflepigs is a romantic metal-detecting narrative adventure where players will find plenty to unearth. Starring Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), players take the role of Adam returning to his childhood village to help a woman named Beth on her journey to find a local treasure.


Metal detecting!

  • Meditatively exploring a peaceful English farm
  • Finding “treasures” (mostly rubbish) with your detector
  • Digging them up with a large shovel and a small trowel
  • Sharing photos of your finds with Beth

Relationship building!

  • Chatting with Beth via walkie-talkie and instant message
  • Unraveling a mystery through interesting narrative choices
  • Learning about Beth’s hopes and fears
  • Directing the conversation to root out the truth

The Magnificent Trufflepigs will be available starting August 26 on the Nintendo eShop for $11.99.

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