I’m Obsessed With PC Building Simulator | Review

PC Building Simulator is far from a new game. In fact, it first came out in 2018 and slowly made its way to console. Developed by The Irregular Corporation, PC Building Simulator is exactly what it sounds like, a simulator that allows you to build some of the most powerful gaming computers in the world using real world parts and accessories. That means you can put together a build with parts from Intel, AMD, MSI, Cooler Master, Seagate, Corsair, and much more. The bulk of the game is Career mode where you must maintain and run a PC repair shop by helping customers with their computer related issues. While it may sound simple, customers can be very demanding and one little screw up could mean the difference between a 5-star rating and a 1-star rating.

PC Building Simulator incorporates over 1000 real world parts from many real world vendors. These are parts that you can normally buy at any real retail store and those of you familiar with PC parts will recognize many of the brands and parts for sale. The game also features realistic BIOS and OS simulation, licensed 3DMark benchmarking and simulated overclocking, resulting in an incredibly extensive list of options and configurations for players looking to simulate real-world builds as closely as possible.

When playing career mode, you must cater to your customers’ every wish and fancy regardless of how unreasonable it might seem. If they want a specific color cable or a specific brand of GPU, give it to them, otherwise you’ll hear it from them and see it with your mediocre review scores. The goal is to make them as happy as they can be with no room for complaint and that elusive 5-star rating. Some customer tasks include virus scanning, CPU and GPU replacing, memory upgrades, storage upgrades, case cleaning, and even full con, from scratch computer builds. Just make sure you’re within the customer’s budget and you’re giving them the parts they want.

Career mode also entails a lot of time management skills, not just technical skills. You’ll need to fix computers in a timely manner and in some cases, before a deadline. Order parts that need to be ordered for each build and don’t get stuck with excess parts because you ordered the wrong item. Manage your money because there will also be bills to pay to keep the shop afloat.

Back to the PC building portion, it can get pretty technical, though a lot of it is simplified. Screws auto screw and unscrew, cables are easily attached, there’s no lengthy OS installs, you don’t need to install drivers or patches or configure hardware, and you rarely ever need to go into the BIOS. Though simplified, it is still a great game for learning basic computer building skills and can give you the confidence to maybe try and build your own computer in real life.

Some tips to hit that 5-star rating:

  • If you see a dirty machine, clean it even if they don’t ask you to.
  • A dirty machine can also mean tons of viruses, so run that virus check.
  • Sometimes you need to pull a machine completely apart to clean it properly.
  • When a customer asks for new parts, you better give them new parts.
  • Pay attention to the cable colors they want.
  • Don’t forget that thermal paste on the CPU.
  • Save, save, save.
PC Building Simulator

Now there are some jobs where no matter what you do, you might not be able to get 5-stars. There could be other factors at play such as the speed in which you complete jobs or some other hidden factor. Trial and error would be your friend here as well as those save files I mentioned above.

Aside from the career mode, there is also a free build mode in which you can pretty much build anything you want with every single part unlocked for you to use. That means every single case, motherboard, CPU, GPU, etc. This is a great way to practice as well as a great way to make custom builds based on certain budgets. I’ve been using this mode to give me a rough estimate of what a comparable real world computer might cost and look if I went with certain parts. I mean it might not be 100% accurate, but it’s at least an idea.

Other than the gameplay, the graphics are as good as they can be. I’m currently playing this on the PlayStation 4 still but have also played it on PC and the Nintendo Switch. The game looks pretty good on all three and at least on the Switch, you can also take the game portable, though seeing some of the parts on a tiny display can be a bit difficult. Though you really can’t go wrong picking it up on any platform.

So with that said, if you’re the type that likes tinkering and fixing problems, PC Building Simulator might just be for you. If you like building PC’s, this game is definitely for you, especially with the fact that you can build as many as you want without the financial burden of actually building a real PC until you’re ready.

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