GooFoto Tripod is a Multi-functional Alternative to the Traditional Tripod | Review

GooFoto Tripod

Selfies are fun and is an easy way to take photos of yourself when no one else can, but there are limitations. Sometimes you want to be in a photo that features more of the landscape or you want to have your entire family in a photo with your full body and not just your face. Usually we ask strangers to take these photos but that’s not always an option. That’s why we use tripods. Tripods are a simple way of placing your phone or camera somewhere and then remotely taking a photo of everyone and everything. Of course no one likes carrying around a large tripod but there are smaller, more easily portable ones such as the GooFoto Tripod. This is a small, lightweight tripod that has several tricks up its sleeves that make is better than a traditional tripod and more versatile as well.

GooFoto Tripod

So what makes the GooFoto Tripod different from others is its bendy legs. While the legs can extend out like a regular tripod, they can also bend so you can curve them individually. This is useful if you want the tripod to be lower for instance or if you need to position the legs on an uneven surface. You can also bend the legs and wrap them around objects which makes them versatile enough to hang from objects like tree branches, fences, etc. The GooFoto Tripod also not only works for regular cameras but also comes with an adapter to fit your smartphone so you could also use this as a selfie stick.


  • Better Cell Phone Tripod: We use Nike shoes rubber while competitors use cheap rubber or cheap form, we use 7 aluminum cores while competitors normally use 5  aluminum  cores. More durable and very lightweight at the same time.
  • Multi Purpose Flexible Tripod:  Flexible octopus-style legs can be bent arbitrarily to wrap around bike/tree/fence, It also can be used as a stand for iPad/laptop/book, suitable for for amateur and professional. The 360 rotating ball-head allows multi-angle shooting, perfect for TikTok, Youtube and Vlog.
  • Universal Compatible Tripod: The included phone clip can be adjusted between 2.2-3.4 inches, which suits most mobile phones (for Iphone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and so on). With the standard 1/4 screw mount, it is also compatible with sports cameras or digital cameras like Nikon/Canon/Sony/DSLR.

I’ve had some time with the GooFoto Tripod and it’s certainly a quality product. The smartphone adapter can hold my Galaxy S21 Ultra easily so it should be able to hold any phone. The adjustment knob on it is to tighten or loosen the ball joint and it is super simple to use. It’s also very tight once you tighten it and keeps the ball joint angle right where you want it to be.

GooFoto Tripod

The legs on the tripod are completely covered in rubber. This provides a really nice grip, both at the feet and up the sides of the leg if you want to wrap this around an object. It also provides a really good grip in your hands if you’re using it as a selfie stick. What I like to do is twist the legs up if I’m just holding them so that the legs won’t open up if I don’t want them to.

Overall, the GooFoto Tripod has been solid. I’m quite impressed considering had never even heard of GooFoto before this, but this tripod is pretty impressive. The materials seem top-notch and the rubber on the legs feels grippy and soft. Time will tell if the rubber holds up, but so far it seems quite good. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a small, multi-functional, portable tripod that will work with both real cameras and smartphones. The pricing isn’t bad either at just $15 and that also includes a Bluetooth remote. You’ll surely be getting your money’s worth here.


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